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IOC Random Testing

Hi Guys,

I’m an track and field athlete subject to IOC testing. As such the only things I know to be undectectable are hgh and insulin. Currently using these but am hearing rumours that a test is close to being implemented. Does anyone know anymore about this? Are there any other substances that would help with lean muscle / power that would not be detected on their tests?
Would really appreciate your help on this one…


low dose testosterone inj. wont be found.

I concur. From what I’ve heard if you use a slow-release depot test like enanthate or cypionate (taken at night to also help avoid any spikes in blood levels that may happen if the testers show up before a workout or whenever) you should be good. I also know from a VERY reliable source that 500mgs of Omnadren a week can be used with no problems, so Sustanon could be used as well, since its virtually identical to its polish counterpart.

Thanks for that, i’ll look into it.

I would think it would be next to impossible to get caught for using insulin. Most athletes use Humulin-R, this compound only stays active for 6-8 hours and is a completely natural substance in the body.

Thats interesting about the use of Omnadren and/or Sust as they both contain 30mg/ml of the short acting propionate ester. I would think that enanthate and cypionates would be preferable.

Yeah, I like the idea of just using one ester only too, but the Europeans have a very primitive knowledge of doping, I think my Georgian friend learned of half-lives and ester weights only when I told him of them. They just know what works for their situation. Sure prop and phenylprop would likely cause a spike of sorts, but I think this would be offset by taking it at night. If even that is needed, were only talking 90mgs total right?