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Does anyone know of any products that contain Inzitol or glocosol that dont contain Gymnema i was about to purchase pinaccles insulene, but i saw it have all three of them. I dont want that just the first two. JMB if u know of any also feel free to jump in here.

Anbody else i was aware of that Chris but thanks for your input bud.

Big Plug…check out Humanetics Corporation website. They’re the minds behind Inzitol. Some of the products containing it: Synthevol, Nitro-Tech, Natural MetaboDrive, Anavol-R, Pro-Insulin Fuel, and Nitro Pro. The website has links for all and their companies, as well as some interesting articles and research.

Life Extension (LEF) has a glucosol (colosolic acid) supplement by itself.