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Inzer Z Squat Suit

Hey guys, I realize this question may seem a little redundant to some of you given that this was somewhat addressed with the previous question about the Metal Squat suit, but I’m new to this so I’m going to ask anyway.

Ive got my first meet in a little over a week and just got in a new Inzer Z suit size 34 (Im 5’7" about 198) and tried it out a few days ago. First time ever in a squat suit for me. Anyway, it hella-sucked. my thighs are bruised where the leg was diggin in. I realize these things are supposed to be tight and uncomfortable but this seemed a little ridiculous. It felt like I couldnt get down low enough but by the end of the night Im told I was going low enough. anyway it says that the crotch of the suit is supposed to come close to touching but I dont think I was quite there. my question is should I continue to try to work into this suit or should I get a champion suit whick is supposed to be a little better for a first timer?

any input is greatly appreciated.

Keep using the suit you have. It should fit like that… If you don’t have bite marks the suit is too big.

Im the guy that posted about the metal suit.
Listen, Im in the same boat as you as far as suit inexperience goes, but I do know one thing, If your meet is that close, Im not sure if it will give you enough time to learn the suit.
These sorts of things take time, and with the meet so close,personally, I wouldnt chance it.
Take more time with it and you’ll be more ready for a suit in the next meet.
Good luck

Damn near everybody who puts on any suit for the first time feels like you described. It will get better.

The nice thing about a Z is that it really requires no changes in form to use. Just put it on and squat.

Assuming the suit is seated in the crotch all the way it really should not be that hard to learn. It is essential that it is seated all the way, though. Otherwise, it will tend to pull you knees in and cause other problems.

The size sounds right. We typically cram '98’s into a 33 HardCore.

Basically, the only difference b/t the z and the Champion is the leg openings. You want the legs tight and to not slip to get the most pop, so the Z is superior. Just suck up the bruising.

Somebody else mentioned slip-ons on a post a while back. They are a must have. The key with them is to take them out just before the suit is seated in the crotch and pull it the rest of the way up without them in to ensure you don’t develop wrinkles in the legs. Additionally, both brands of slip-ons (titan and inzer) tend to be more slippery when put on inside out. Strange but true.

Good luck at your meet.

I had the exact same problem when I first used my suit. Which is a frantz double poly. You have to work in it a lot. And you need someone to pull your strap up for you.

I just bought a used Z suit and used it for the first time the other day and it bit the hell out of me, which I thought looked pretty cool afterwards.

Eitherway, the Z suit was really easy to use even with power pants underneath, just make sure the ass is pulled all the way up and it’s tight against your body around the hips.

How is the double poly Frantz suit? What kind of poundage are you getting out of it and how is the pop out of the hole?

My first squat suit would leave 4"long, 2"wide bruises across both my thighs. It fit perfectly.

I agree with the guys. Stick with the same suit. You don’t have enough time to learn another suit. Maybe try suit slippers to get it on easier. Good luck at your meet!

Whining about the bruises? Guess you haven’t tried a bench shirt yet… It aint just bruises. You get CUTS!

[quote]greenslade wrote:
Whining about the bruises? Guess you haven’t tried a bench shirt yet… It aint just bruises. You get CUTS![/quote]

LOL, my arms still have marks from my Monday session in my new shirt…