Inzer XT Knee Sleeves

I have a powerrack at home I work out with, and i use my knee wraps there, all good.

But, when I go to the gym to do a workout over lunch, I don’t like wrapping my knees up between sets, and I’m looking for a sleeve that will give me the benefits of wrapping without having to wrap. I do understand I wont get all the benefits, but I want more than just “keeping the knee warm”.

How do Inzer XT Knee Sleeves shape up? They look like a wrap that you can tighten with velcro.

I prefer the ‘Heavy Duty’ sleeves from Elite FTS.

I was looking at those also. It is really between the two. Have you tried them both? Why do you prefer the elite fts one?

[quote]dzirkelb wrote:
I was looking at those also. It is really between the two. Have you tried them both? Why do you prefer the elite fts one?[/quote]

Yes…I think the Elite provides better support.
**be careful about the size you select; I had to use the set that is rated for the weight range above my actual weight.

I have to go to the 4x on the elite according to their specs, calves are 18".

I did put on my knee straps for a heavy set today in the gym, it wasn’t terrible, it’s just sort of a nuissance at the gym to do so instead of slipping on a sleeve.

I’ll have to think on this for a bit. I originally was going to get these sleeves for just the rare occasion that I’d be squatting at the gym instead of home, but I think I may be doing more training at the gym, and I don’t want to train often with the sleeves if I will not be using it in a meet.

In regards to elitefts, I would say the super heavy duty sleeves are more akin to wraps, whereas the heavy duty are more just knee sleeves. Really, all the SHD ones are is two HD knee sleeves sewn together, but the impact is pretty crazy. They are also tough to get on and off, especially if you work up a sweat while training.

I only wrap my knees for one set, and that seems to be the easiest way to minimize difficulty in my experience.

I’m thinking my current training I can get by with wrapping my knees for one set only also. And, it’s actually kind of nice to not wrap up for some of the working sets, seems to work my core more as I tend to lean forward without my wraps on.

My gym is not geared towards powerlifters is why I was sort of trying to avoid it. There is only 2 racks, and a decent lunch crowd. I generally always get a rack, but it seems someone is always waiting on me, and I’m at the rack for an hour at a time, sort of feel bad haha. And, when I deadlift, I clean up my chalk afterwards, that kind of gym.