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Inzer Sleeves


The insides of my elbows are hurting a lot from tricep extension work. They also hurt at the topmost point of barbell and dumbbell curls.

I know I have to up my fish oil intake and probably drop extension work till I feel better. I also read here that keeping the joints warm using sleeves helps.

I was thinking of getting elbow sleeves from Inzer. If anyone has any experience with these, I'd like to hear if they helped with elbow pain and/or preventing pain.



I used to get a lot of elbow pain from extension work and heavy pressing, then I bought these http://www.flexcart.com/members/elitefts/default.asp?m=PD&cid=114&pid=3015 (thanks to the advice of CountingBeans) and they have helped a ton, no more elbow pain. The sizing is way off though, I'm 200 pounds, arms just under 17" and using the XXL's.


Thanks for the reply dude. The sizing information is an issue for me as I live in Australia. A friend of mine is visiting me from America next month so if it doesn't fit then return/exchange is going to be a problem.


im having similar problems
hurts when pulling myself up from the bottom of a pullup
and during the first couple sets of bench.. with THE BAR ONLY!!

i was wondering about THE SAME exact sleeves
adjustable, right? how can that be beat?

at least i can get the ones from elitefts if the inzers are no good
thanks, Gmoore

anyone with elbow problems use the inzers?


fish oil, huh, ripped fury?


Fish oil indeed my friend.

Pain from elbow tendonitis is from inflammation and fish oil helps with that. You need to mega-dose it though. 30 - 45 grams per day. 30 grams is 3 tablespoons. Start with that and see how you feel after a couple of weeks. If it's not working then try increasing the dose.

If I lived in the states I'd be using Flameout. It's double the USD price here.

On mega dosing fish oil