Inzer SDP Reviews?

Just looking for a few reviews on the shirt. I’m thinking about getting one.

It’s bad ass. There’s a reason why a lot of the top guys are using them. They are very adjustable and are easy to touch with.

Before the SDP, I used a Metal shirt. With my long arms, it was very very difficult to touch. There was a huge discrepancy between my best 1 board and what I could hit full range.

With the SDP, the groove feels much like my raw form and gives great carryover. I hit my first 500 bench in a meet last week with it. I did this without gangster’ing it much at all. There are ways to set the shirt to get more out of it, but I hadn’t really experimented much with it.

If you do buy one, I’d suggest SLOWLY working it in. I’ve heard people have problems with them blowing out. I probably put 40 reps in it, gradually moving to lower boards, before I touched a rep in it.

Thanks I’ve heard of alot of people having blow outs!

I went from a Single Ply RageX to SDP, it is very forgiving, but not the shirt for me. After shoulder surgery, it seems to really pull my shoulder in (painful) no matter collar up or collar down. I’m going to a double ply RageX now, not as forgiving but feels much better on my shouler for some reason.

I’ve been in my SDP 3 times, so pretty new…it’s a 48 no alterations, if you’re interested feel free to PM me.

Thanks for the offer I dont think I can fit into that size. I’m gonna buy it when I get my weight back down as a gift to myself! lol