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Inzer Rage

Hey, anyone got an inzer rage? Tried mine on and the sleeves were tight as a mother and i’m not sure if i wear it like an open back or a regular because of the stretchy back concept. All of the guys who use the rage-x wear it down very low. The thing is i cant touch when it is low…

Help anyone?

You want a shirt tight so what you have is good. What weight can’t you touch in the shirt? What type of setup do you use? Sebastian Burns from Metal Militia really knows how to get things to touch. Either go to one of his seminars or get some of his seminars videos.

Try adjusting the collar. Typically the higher the collar, the easier to touch. As the weights get heavier you will pull the collar lower to get more pop.

I could almost get 225 down to my chest, but i end up pulling it down to the middle of my abs. And thats a red light anywhere… I got 405 about and inch from my chest but i cant get it past that point. The shirt makes my bridge flatten and i can get it. I’m thinking i’m in the groove because i got rejected a couple of times. Anyone got some advice?

Sounds almost perfect actually. Keep the shirt high enough to touch and then as the weight goes up then pull it down.