Inzer Rage X Reviews

Not wanting to spark a debate, but just wanted to see if anyone thinks highly of the Inzer Rage X single ply shirt. I will be doing a meet in December which uses USAPL rules so I need a single ply shirt.

My double ply is a Karins denim, but I wanted to try a poly this time around. Leaning towards the Metal IPF Viking Bencher, but overall I wanted to see If anyone had good impressions of the Inzer.

Bar-none the hardest shirt on the market to learn. It will force you to bench more like a bodybuilder; you have to relearn how to tuck (elbows are out for longer on the eccentric until the shirt “grabs you”). If you’re going to do it, make sure that you have plenty of time to practice.

I know people who have had this shirt for over a year and still don’t have it down yet - especially if you’re really gangstering it down. Once you get it, though (and I still haven’t), it’s a great shirt.

I had a bit of a different experience than Eric in regards to this shirt, but I learned how to use a shirt with my Karin double denim. When benching about 365 raw, I put up 480 in a meet with the Karin. Right before the meet, I tried a single ply Rage X, open back, and no velcro. It was a bit loose, but I still hit 405 easy and would have been good for maybe 430-450 at a meet. Having trained my lockout for a denim helped with that, though.

I don’t know how difficult it would be to use a tight closed back Rage X, however. I tend to bench more like a bodybuilder, so it may have been easier for me to pick up on the form with. But if I were going to bench single ply, I would have absolutely zero doubt about getting a Rage X.

While I agree the RageX is a tricky shirt to learn, I found it little different from the Titan F6 I normally use. I’ve found the two virtually interchangeable in nearly every respect. It’s a great shirt and it works well for me.

Another gent I know claims the RageX is more durable than the Titan, based of the time it takes to get a run.

I’ve no first-hand experience with the Metal, so I can’t help you there. The Viking X-type looks to be a very similar shirt to the RageX and F6.

If cost is a factor you might consider a Titan, if you can buy stock, as they are, by far, the cheapest of the bunch (Titan: $85, Inzer $135, Metal $195).

Break it in good. I have seen a couple blow, and it isn’t pretty. I use a Titan F6 right now, and it is a real good shirt. My partner is real tight with Tiny Meeker, so we are all getting the hook up on some single ply Rage X’s. I should be getting mines own in about a week.

This is definitely true. It feels very similar to the day that I got it.

[quote]W.E.C wrote:
Another gent I know claims the RageX is more durable than the Titan, based of the time it takes to get a run.

I dont have a lot of experience with other shirts (the rageX is my first) but I’ve used a closed back 2xply size 50 and an open back 2xply size 48. I got 405 with each of em (i bench 355 raw, umm, sorry I mean RAWWWW) but I wasnt getting much out of em so my training partners didnt even have me try any more. That said I liked the shirts, 405 wasnt too hard to touch, but it may just be too loose on me. Um, so in summary, limited experience, but happy with my rage

I have blown 3 or 4 single RageX shirts that were not terribly tight (thank goodness I’m sponsored, those aren’t cheap). I have a couple that are still holding up and can get about 100-110 out of them. I have been playing around with my first Fury that is one size too big. It certainly feels like it is much more resistant to blowing or runners than the RageX.
However, my Double RageX’s with grid stitch are some bad-ass shirts.

Agree with most of the above threads. There is little difference between the Inzer and Titan. The Titan is less expensive but tends to blow in shoulder seams, the groove is more elbow out in top half of lift, and you have to work hard to learn this shirt if you are used to denim.

Having said that if you want to crank your bench get a shirt and practice working down the boards till you master it. Will not be easy but will be worth it.

Metal is great stuff but I have never used one of their shirts.

Again, I was just wanting to see peoples reactions overall to this shirt, my squat suit, and deadlifter are both Metal and I enjoy them both thoroughly. However I wanted to hear what everyone else thought of Inzer’s and Titan’s offerings. I’ll probably stick with a Metal Viking IPF x-type and go from there

If you go with the X-Type, let us know how it goes.

I’m interested in them, but they are an awfully expensive experiment.

yeah I think that is my only turn off about Metal equipment is the price. I have one of their pro squatters (with Pro Briefs), and a IPF Viking deadlifter which I love. Their equipment is unbelievable, so I hope the shirt wont be a disappointment.