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Inzer Rage X Break In

I have been working on breaking in an INZER RAGE X with a reinforced collar. I have enough shirt to jack it as much as I need to. I have done 550 to a 2 board, and today 565 about to a 1 board, but the bar once again was just sitting there a 1/2 inch above the board. I will not quit working in it. I used my custom collar TITAN F6 (a size smaller) for my last meet which I hit an easy 480. (I am just getting over a bad ankle/foot injury.)
I am looking for training ideas to try out.

I also am now working to strengthen my upper back to support the weight and stay tight on the descent. I will try to get videos at my next session and post them here. I have videos of previous sessions on facebook. (brian linderson) All constructive criticism welcome. My last raw max was 365. I do train all 3 lifts, and am natural if that helps. I use shirts, or gear due to previous injuries, and I just like the challenge. Thanks fellas and ladies.