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Inzer Powerpants Question


I just got a pair of Inzer powerpants. I ordered it two sizes larger than my chart size (44 instead of 38) for training. I have trouble putting it on. The stomach part of the pants is pretty loose, in fact it slides down when I squat. However, I couldn’t get the leg parts to slide up far enough. They’re stuck right after they pass my knees. Baby powder helps a bit, but the bottom of the pants is still way below the crotch.

If anyone has any experience with putting on these pants, please post your tips.

Thanks for the help!!

Mine have stretched out since I bought them, but what I do is put them inside out, sit down and then slide each leg up as far as possible. Then I stand up and pull them all the way up. The first time I tried them on I didn’t think they’d go on, but they do, but it takes some effort. Keep tugging and wiggling and you’ll get it (that sounded a lot odder when I wrote it out than when I thought it).


I just got some powerpants too. Just keep working with them. I am brand new to gear and the same is true for my shirt and squat suit. the first time I put them on was a bitch but each time gets a little easier and the gear stretches to you. You will love the powerpants, just keep working with them. I like them a lot better than my Titan briefs.

Good luck!


your best bet is to fork out a few extra dollars and call inzer and get a custom pair. or you could get em a size smaller but make sure you wear a belt over the top of the briefs to keep them from slipping.

Thank you all for the help!