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Inzer Power Pants

I just received my pair of inzer power pants. I can get them about half way up. It is so fuckin’ tight. I ordered size 44 (for 275 lbs) and I weight 215 lbs. Should I keep trying to get them up or are they just too small ? Any help would be very appreciated! thanks!

Powerpants are ALWAYS waaaay too tight. But if you are getting them half way up your hips then i’d say keep working at them. They do stretch a little. Get em as high as you can and then spread your legs to stretch out the sides. Then do side lunges and stuff until you get the crotch all the way up.

Here are some measurements to help.
I’m 215 lbs.
About 20% BF
28" legs
I wear normal pants, size 32 to 34

Thanks, I finally got them all the way up, this is unbelievebly tight !!! I will work on loosing them a bit for next friday squat workout.