Inzer Power Pant Too Small?

Hello All,

I received a pair of two-ply inzer power pants today size 40. I’m right at 245lbs and usually am just over 250lbs. The size chart says I should order a 40 if I’m 245lbs. When I tried to get them on tonight I literally could not get them past my knees more than 3-4 inches. I know they are supposed to be tight as hell so I’m wondering if anybody had any tips or past experiences they could share before I attempt to get them on again prior my squat day this week? Thanks in advance.

I had the exact same problem with a pair of inzer briefs. I am 220 and got the appropriate size for my weight, and it was a NO GO AT ALL>

I gave them to a 165 I train with and he had a shitload of difficulty putting them on too.

Inzer sizing is messed up

Update: (As if you care)… After spending an hour last night with tight spandex sleeves on my legs I have decided these are too small. I got them to within 2-4 inches from my crotch but no possibility to get any further. My knuckles are scabbing over this morning from all the pulling I did. Valiant effort? I think so…

Hopefully the 42’s will go on a little easier.

Should I order sleeves with the new ones? Also, do shaved legs allow these to slide on a little easier?


What’s the point? Seems like you’re just spending money and wasting time if you ask me. Why not lift raw? Virtually a zero dollar investment, and you get mad man points for getting deep into the hole and popping back up not even wearing a belt. And besides, the 5+ hours you use every week to put on the gear could be used to make money working, making sweet sweet love to your loved one, or just watch a good movie. :slight_smile:

Just saying… :slight_smile:

They’re not too tight, you need to find better ways to get them on. If you got them within 4 inches of your crotch yourself, then theyre too LOOSE. It took me and my 300 pound training partner 30 minutes to get my briefs up the first time, and 20 minutes to get them off.

Roll up the top and when your at the gym, grab a J-hook and place it at the bottom of a power rack, hook the rolled fabric on (the lip) and wiggle. Wiggle alot and I guarantee they will come on.Once you get them up within an inch, unroll, and have a training partner, a poor sap from the gym, or a person you paid to touch your sweaty lower back, roll the top around the bar in a power rack or smith machine, and wiggle more. swing your legs in and out kick them side to side, and back and forth.

BTW, why would you waste money on double layer power pants when you could have gotten predators? 200 buck with grid stitch for the best pair of briefs ever.

You also should have went with House of Pain and called your order in, they are good if you call and it saves you trouble

P.S. Stallion, not everyone is a Raw Zealout like you. Not everyone like to squat raw, then go get butt fucked.

When my son received his Inzer ‘Hardcore’ suit it took well over 30 minutes for the two of us to get it on him the first several times and never took less than twenty. The suggestion to use the hook & bar to work the suit on is what we did along with baby powder & plastic grocery bags. Using the straps we actuall suspened him from the bar and had him bounce & swing into it. We would never have reached a proper fit any other way. It can be done.