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Inzer Order...


is anyone having problems currently buying gear from inzernet.com? it sez my card isnt working and i know it is


Have you tried calling them?


Simple. Don't order directly from their website, try Iron Gladiators.


I actually just had the same problem. It said the credit card format was wrong. I tried entering with and without spaces, with dashes, everything. No luck. I checked my balance and there was plenty of room.

They might want to get that fixed if they plan on taking internet orders.

The advantage of ordering direct is that they have a fair amount of stuff in stock, so shipping times are a little quicker. And their prices are a little cheaper than some of the other sites.

I'll have to call them tomorrow to put my order in.


MonsterMuscle is priced the same (not sure about the variety compared to inzernet though). Just an alternative.


well im not sure if this is right, but it sed that you can get power pants for 35 bucks and an econamy belt for 35, and i cant find that on maonster muscle. so if its not the right price, im just gonna buy a squat suit.


You couldn't find power pants on MM?



i could find them i bought from inzer.. it fnally worked


Coincidentally (or maybe because you subliminally put the idea in my head), I just bought a new suit and groove briefs from Inzer.


My experience with inzer directly showed they were pretty incompetent. I would stick with ordering through a retailer of inzer.


Gonna have to agree with this. It took me 6 weeks to get a belt shipped to me. "order got lost in their system" - customer service


I've ordered from Inzer 3 times, each was just fine.

However, I ordered a pair of Inzer knee sleeves from House of Pain, and after 2 weeks called. Never got told they were on back order and the dude never called me back to tell me if they were in the Inzer shipment that 'just arrived' when I was on the phone. Probably should have just gotten them directly from Inzer.

What other reputable retailers are there?


I get pretty much everything from either MonsterMuscle or EliteFTS.


Switch to Titan and order through Ken Anderson. Best service ever.