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Inzer or Titan Singlet?

I’m competing in 16 weeks in a powerlifting meet and there’s this guy, who i really want to beat. I have a shitty singlet, so i want to buy a new one. I heard that the Inzer Power Singlet and the Titan Triumph singlet, can help you a little in your squat/deadlift. Does anyone has any experience with these? Which one is better? Should i buy one size smaller?
Thanks for the help!

Are these approved for your federation? If so buy both, see which works better.

A regular singlet should be fine otherwise.

If you want a singlet that helps your squat and deadlift then maybe buy a squat suit and deadlift suit.

I heard the Triumph singlet that has a double ply crotch can give you a little boost, a tighter one would give more than a loose one obviously. As far as I know it’s only allowed in the IPF. I know nothing about the Inzer one but it could be the same deal. Knee wraps aren’t raw but apparently double ply singlets are.

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I have the triumph singlet. I’ve also squatted in a slightly oversized single ply squat suit that maybe gave 100 lbs. If you’ve never been in or felt a squat suit before, I could see how one could think a quality, under sized singlet could give you some pounds on the platform. However, if you compare singlet and single-ply material, it is absurd how much different they are. If there were a way to objectively measure how much an undersized triumph singlet added to your lifts, I would put money on it being less that 5 lbs for the squat, nothing on the deadlift. If you get one that’s excessively undersized to the point of being uncomfortable, it might even throw you off and hurt your lifts.

My bodyweight is at the bottom end of one of the sizes, I almost considered ordering a size down but after getting it, I’m glad I didn’t. They are already sized to be a nice and tight fit throughout the listed weight ranges.

That said, as far as singlets go the triumph is fantastic. Very comfortable and snug fit. I’m a cheap bastard when it comes to… pretty much everything… but I’m glad I spent the money on that singlet for comfort reasons alone. I just think any apparent added lbs will be more psychological than anything.

I started with the Inzer singlet and have the Titan Triumph now. I used the Inzer twice in one year and when I took it out the next time the crotch elastic had dry rotted and caused a blowout. I noticed this a week before a meet. It was out of warranty so I didn’t bother calling Inzer and I’ve been happy with the quality of their lever belt and wrist wraps so I wasn’t too irritated. I had a Titan Triumph overnighted from an awesome vendor (not sure if I can name them) specifically because of the double crotch. I took their sizing advice and got a 2XL even though I’m 6’1 and 225# and take an L or XL in most things. The quality is really good but the extra crotch layer did nothing for me in the squat or sumo dl. I’ve heard the sizing down suggestion but that would have given me a serious wedgie/ass cleavage because of the length. I’m getting ready to order some bar grip shirts from A7 so I may also get one of their singlets just to have a backup.

You were the guy I thought of when I saw this thread. I think the conclusion from all this “raw gear with carryover” is that it really isn’t worth it because the discomfort from a super tight singlet or knee sleeves that make your knees go numb will outweigh any small carryover you might get from them. Better to squat in wraps or just compete in gear, otherwise wear stuff that fits properly.

That’s what I think too. I use SBD knee sleeves now but I didn’t use anything the first couple of meets.

Damn server error. I was saying that I bought large sleeves and couldn’t imagine getting mediums over my calves.

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Titan Triumph is a regular singlet with a compression fit. I don’t think make much of a difference at all. It’s legal in USPA and it’s the economical but “nice” singlet that probably every single one of my teammates has.

I’m assuming Inzer too.

Unless they’re suits and it’s a single ply meet, I dont think it matters.

My main singlet is a Dragonball Z Saiyan armor singlet. My backup is the Titan Triumph.

Cringe lol. What brand/where do you get that?

Just saiyan

Haha, it’s the best ever. Most of my teammates are like “I can’t wear that unless I’m out-totaling everyone”, I’m placing dead last/next to last and still wearing that!

But def wearing Titan in the higher profile/higher level meets - I’m not wearing Saiyan armor to nationals/worlds if I qualify unless I’m going to win or medal

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Whatever it takes to win!

There are two versions, one has a double ply crotch and is not allowed in most federations, the IPF being the main exception.

Ohhhh. I gotta make sure mine doesnt have it.

I’m pretty sure it doesnt because my friend used it in a USPA meet

I think anyone who isn’t literally trying to set a world record, and is within 10 lbs of it, is bat shit crazy for trying to get extra lbs out of a singlet, or even knee sleeves. It just kills me to see all the guys putting up fucking 1200 lbs totals spending extra money on a ‘special’ singlet. You’d get more lbs on the platform by spending the extra money on a few steaks and a bag of rice.


To say nothing of the fact that all of this was started because people wanted “RAW” powerlifting to get away from all the gear.


Hold it. Are you talking a un equipment division?

Which is why I love those new mark bell sleeves, they are multiply denim lol


Call it gear lite.

My coach got those. I might get some next year - hopefully they make them with the “Gangsta” logo on them soon.