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Inzer Lifting Belt Break In

Hi all

So I got an inzer forever 13m single prong belt for my birthday off my misses yesterday (keeper)
And it is STIFF like really stiff. I can’t even slip the end of the belt in the loop so just have a permanent 'belt boner’
Other than rolling it up tight and leaving it like that are there any tips to get it a bit more supple but without losing its stiffness that aids support?
I had a quick Google and it said things like rubbing alcohol on it and stuff which is the sort of thing I don’t trust myself to do without ruining it :joy:



Ehh don’t try the rubbing alcohol or anything like that because who knows what that actually does. If you treat it well an Inzer belt should last you a very long time. Just use it frequently and you will break it in.

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That’ll do it. You can also roll it up and stand on it, although I found it didn’t do much. I never did anything with my Brahma beyond use it.

That’s what I was thinking man I don’t want to mess it up haha
It feels so much more solid than my previous belt I can’t wait to use it!

Okay thanks for the advice man I’ll just get it used a bit and let the breaking in happen eventually :slight_smile:

The Titans do arrive broken in. They’re awesome and it’s entirely why I got one.

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Well there you go. Oh, how crappy is it getting good equipment here in Australia? Loaded Lifting are about the only people who have anything halfway decent as far as I know.

I’m in the UK so the belt had to be sent over from the US, don’t know of anywhere decent in the UK except SBD!

does anyone know if the STrong belt from mark bell slingshot was any good? I saw one in depth review of it and they found it unsatisfactory to say the least!

Didn’t even know it existed. I’d be surprised if it was awful though, the knee wraps and Slingshots are pretty good. Mightn’t be as good as an Inzer or Titan though.

I thought the same as you, I use their compression cuffs, hip circle and slingshot, all great products IMO, would like to hear from someone who has one but to be fair I can’t imagine I’ll need to buy another belt now

I just rolled mine back and forth a few times a day until it stopped trying to tear my guts out.

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Wear the belt your entire workout. It doesn’t need to be competition fit, but on your body. The warmth and sweat will help the belt form to your body.

I’ve had my Inzer forever 13mm lever belt since 2011. It was a rough breakin, but it’s amazing now.


Thanks for the advice brothe, I just did a bench sesh with mine on (I bench wearing a belt) and Christ it felt amazing already haha

The picture has gotten a lot better in the last 6 months. Beast Genetics and Titan Australia have you covered. The last Titan distributor in Aus was totally fucked, would send bootleg stuff 3/4 of the time.

Mike -

I’m also breaking in my first Inzer belt right now. Same issue! I couldn’t get the tongue into the keeper at first, was thinking I should have bought a lever. The first few times I put it on, I was getting TRAPPED in it. Really. Had to wrestle my way out of the thing.

I found a youtube video. I won’t link to it here because I think the person sells supplements, but if you search for new lifting belt + how to break in inzer belt you’ll see it.

I used his method. Folding it over on itself ever few inches and pressing down on it. And rolling it up back and forth both directions. Just a couple of days of working with it a bit and I can now buckle it and get in and out of it now problem. Also, like T3hPwnisher mentioned, just wearing it around the house doing chores. And wearing it when just doing light squats or whatever at the gym just to break it in.

It’s softening up already and I think I’m going to really like it now.

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Hi power puff
Thanks for the advice!
My friend tried mine on yesterday and got trapped in it for ages haha! I am a really warm person and sweat so much when I train so I think if I leave it on like comfortably tight throughout my sessions that should help! (:
I’ll check the YouTube video out too!

Thanks you!

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have 2 inzer belts myself, they all are extremely hard at first even after 6+ months of use they still give me purple bruises around waist when squatting/deadlifting heavy its normal, you will get used to the pain, its worth it they are the best belts i have ever used.

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Hey Mike. Just an FYI, I thought I’d be using it at hole 6 or 7 but now that’s it’s broken in, It’s really most useful at hole 8. I was kinda surprised at how much “give” it had but it may mostly be getting soft enough on the edges to settle into my waist. I’m really happy with it now and am having no trouble at all getting in and out of it with the prong closure. You guys may not have the same issue since you’re more square through your waist. I’m so glad I bought the tapered belt. Mine is just a hair shy of 4" wide in the back. There is just no way it would have worked - just not that much space between my rib cage and hip bones.

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DO NOT put rubbing alcohol or paint thinner or any household products on it. That is what you do if you want to strip the protective layer from leather, it will dry it out and it will be shit in no time.

the best thing to do is to be patient and break it in by using it. You can also try exposing it to mild humid heat. put it in your bathroom and take a shower with it and leave it in your car on a warm day. bend it around after you heat it.

It’s skin so you don’t want to clog it with oils or dry it up/ruin it with harsh chemicals.