Inzer Lever Belt too Big?

Hello everyone,

I recently bought my first belt and I went with a large 10mm inzer lever belt. I’m on the second last notch and as you can see in the picture there is quite a big part where the belt is basicly 2 cm thick because it overlaps. My question is: Does this matter and can I use it yes or not?

I haven’t used it yet by the way. I will probably do that on monday.

Thanks in advance!

sure you CAN use it but that’s a lot of excess material inside that belt. ( I have and HATE lever belts due to the excess being inside the belt as opposed to outside like my prong belt, but I digress) I’d send it back for the size smaller.

OR you could use as is and drill more holes in it to make it tighter if you need it to be so.

I dont think I can send it back because I already broke it in a bit by rolling it up for like half an hour and on inzernet it says it has to be unused and unaltered. Not very smart but I was just too excited when I finally received the belt. Thanks for the reply by the way.

a size or two isn’t a big deal. In fact, it’s advantageous in the winter cause you’ll be able to layer up and the belt will still fit over the hoodie and all that. Plus as you grow, you’ll have some room to work with.

If you need more holes eventually ID reccomend taking it to a shoe repair shop and they have a tool they use to punch a perfect hole.

I feel like people are over looking look them up there quality is amazing I’ve owned an inzer belt and i cannot tell the difference. Dean at best belts will custom size it for you as well I got a 10 mm single prong and I got it custom sized from 34-44 with a 40 center hole.

I used the belt for the first time today and it felt pretty good. Of course I can’t compare with any other belt but I was a bit surprised. The belt didn’t hurt although it pushed in my ribs when I squatted low. But that’s normal I guess. Bestbelts doesn’t ship to Europe but maybe they will in the future. I will certainly take another look at their website when I buy another belt.