Inzer Lever Belt Sizing

I’m about to buy Inzer lever belt, but can’t make up my mind if I should go with size L or XL.

My waist measurement is changing around 101 - 106 cm (39,7" - 41,7"), while relaxed. If I really buckle up tight my old weightlifting belt it goes down to 85 cm (33,5") when closed. Typically I don’t use it so tight though.

I’m hoping there is somebody my size using Inzer lever belt, who can give me advice which one to choose.

When in doubt, go up a size. You can always make an extra hole if you need it to go smaller.

But you’re S.O.L. if it’s too small for your girthiness.

Call up the company. They tend to work well on sizing issues

Get one size smaller

Consider where your BW could be in the next couple years. If you need to/want to get bigger, go for the bigger size. If you’re higher body fat and need/want to clean up body comp, go lower.

Well I ended up getting the bigger size, but I had to use the tightes setting / last holes to make it tight enough. Since I’m about to loose some weight, I decided to change the size from XL --》L. Now I’m using the holes in the middle, so there is the same amount of free play to get bigger / smaller.