Inzer Lever Belt for Olympic Lifting?

Hi guys,

Im doing heavy olympic squats and i was wondering if it was better if i used the inzer lever for support.

If so should i go for the 10mm or 13 mm?

There is an Olympic lifting forum, which is perfect for questions such as this.

Are you actually talking about Olympic weightlifting (i.e., the snatch and clean & jerk) or just “Olympic” squats? If it’s the former, then definitely don’t use a powerlifting belt.

I use a squat belt nearly identical to the stuff Inzer makes, but only for squatting. If I use a belt for oly lifts, I have to use a cloth one by Valeo. Otherwise it gets in the way, completely.

It is fine for squatting though. Don’t get 13 mm, thats too thick.

Also, why the lever belt? What if you eat a lot before lifting and its too tight?

I think 13mm is illegal. I believe that any belt under 4" is good, I have heard great things about the 3 Inch Powerlifting belt from bestbelts. Seems a little pricey but I bet its a great belt. Heres the link: 3 Inch Crossfit Belt - The Best Belt for Crossfit Training