Inzer is Slow in Shipping Products

Is it just me, or is Inzer Advance design slow as hell in shipping their products once you order. I placed an order for double ply power pants, and forever buckle belt 13mm on 07/31, and still have not received anything.

I went ahead and paid an additional $10 last thursday to ship the power pants as they were ready, and supposedly the belt was in production, well, still no sign of the pants.

What are you guys opinions on their business practices?

Ordering from inzer directly is a pain in the ass. Aslong as you order from a reseller it is normally faster

I ordered directly from them, so is this the norm in terms of how long I have waited?

Haven’t personally ordered from them, but I have friends who mentioned it took quite a while to get their stuff from Inzer. At least the products are good quality :confused:

I ordered a custom belt from Inzer once and got it in a week. Another time it took over 6 weeks. I’ve never had any issues with NOT receiving stuff that I ordered, but it can take a while.

I got the inzer power pants and it took awhile - maybe 2-3 weeks? My only explanation is they hardly have anything in stock (outside of probably a couple of the most popular products and sizes) and have to get the product any time someone places an order.

I had the same experience with Titan when I ordered my Torro belt - I believe that took close to a month. So, just hold on - it seems to be the norm across the board.

When ever you order from Inzer directly, make sure to call before you place the order, they are out of stock/backordered quite often. It also makes the order go quicker when you call.

I have also noticed this with house of Pain, they wont notify you if the shipment is delayed so its always best to call after placing your order.

I have heard horror stories of people waiting over 2 months for an inzer belt, thats why its better to just order from somwhere like house of pain and just get it in black, for quicker shipping, the customed colors take longer to get in.

I waited over 2 months for my inzer belt. But in Canada were used to waiting forever for stuff to clear customs. Prodiboy is right about the resellers, I bought some stuff from an inzer dealer and got my stuff in 5 days.

I’ve ordered both a belt and a singlet from Inzer, separately and both shipped and received rather quickly if I remember correctly. Definitely not to the point where I was concerned about it.

This was a couple years ago, so maybe they have gone downhill since.

Come to think of it, my g/f ordered a belt from them about a year and a half ago and they sent the wrong size then took forever to ship the replacement. So there’s that

Well, received my squat pants yesterday, so that puts that to rest. They told me since I ordered a custom colored belt, it would take roughly two more weeks. So I got my pants in two weeks, and looks like I should get my belt in roughly one month from order date.

At first I thought I ordered the wrong size pants since they nearly impossible to get on. I went back and check on their website, and the sizing was spot on. After pulling for about 20 minutes, I finally got those things on, tight as hell though. I cant wait to give them a try.

BTW, has anyone tried their DBL ply erector shirts for squatting and dead lifting? Are they worth the investment?

Lastly, do you guys prefer the gripper knee wraps from them or the inzer iron knee wraps, any difference between the two. For what it is worth, I workout on my own, so I will have no one to help with the knee wraps.

I like the grippers better IF I have someone to wrap me. I have a hard time getting them tight enough on my own as you can’t “slide” the material over itself. Being that you train alone, that is a serious consideration.

It took over 14 weeks for me to receive a belt from them. I then realized they shipped me the wrong size of belt (although I will readily admit I may have ordered the wrong size, I honestly don’t remember), and I was quoted another 12 weeks to receive a new one, after I shipped mine back at my own expense. I will never order from Inzer again. Great products, subpar CS.