Inzer Hardcore Deadlift Suit

im using a inzer hardcore deadlift suit that my work out partner gave me,its a size 36 and i weigh 215. it is tight as hell.i wore it for the 2nd time last night,time before i got 455 in it this time i got 455 couldnt lock out 485 again,im wondering where my suit is too tight its stalling me or maybe i should go con?

Hard to tell if it’s too tight. If the legs are too far down it will tend to pull you forward and that’ll stall your lockout. Personally, I deadlifted with my hardcore on backwards (I pulled sumo). For me it was a totally different suit in terms of how the straps felt when I put it on backwards. With the suit backwards I found it easier to keep my chest up through the pull and for myself that meant a stronger lockout.

Is the Max DL not designed as a convo suit?

its acually used for both cov and sumo,when i first started powerlifting i was told sumo was the best style,but honestly i feel more comfortable in a con stance,but comming from my partner which is the north carolina deadlift record holder for his weightclass i took his advice,next week im gonna try con workout i need to hurry up and figure out something im entering my first comp on march 23 in char nc.aint going to win but going down for some experince with the strong guys and maybe get some good advice

Most big sumo pullers seem to pull in squat suits tho.

As for convo -v- sumo, it’s something I struggle with too!!

im going to try con next week on deads my normall routine on deadlift part is
435x3/sumo/belt-still trying for the
last rep
im going to try all of this con if that dont work i guess ill close my stance a lil bit it pretty wide

[quote]Hanley wrote:
Most big sumo pullers seem to pull in squat suits tho.

As for convo -v- sumo, it’s something I struggle with too!![/quote]

To me its all about arm length, torso length, etc. I have short arms and avg legs and torso so for me I get a shorter range of motion using sumo. This is the same if I’m raw or using a suit.

Personally I get very little out of a suit for DL. If its tight enough to make a difference its a bitch to get down and into proper position and my form is off. My pull in a suit is 545 and raw is 515.

it is hard to get down to deadlift it,and i think my fourm does get off

if you wear the straps too tight, it’ll screw with your lockout.

I learned that the hard way in my last meet :frowning:

i know the straps are to tight when they go on i can hardly breath and leave bruises for days lol,how do i get them looser without buying a new 1?