Inzer Groove Briefs

Does anybody here have experience with Inzer Groove Briefs?

I’m at around 185 right now and I ordered a pair of size 7 (180-198lbs). I could barely get them past my knees. I exchanged them for a size 9 (198-210lbs) and after a lot of tugging, huffing and puffing, I couldn’t get those damn things on. I even have red marks on my legs today.

I’m getting tired of paying shipping for returns, so, which size would you recommend, 210-220 or 220-230?

(BTW I’m buying these to use for DE box squats to spare my hips)

I’ve had the same experience with Inzer briefs. After returning two pairs I said, fuck it. I currently use a squat suit that I’ve cut the straps off of as briefs. I thinking about investing in a pair of Metal briefs because they look like they go lower down the thighs. BTW thats another reason I dislike the Inzer briefs, they fit too high on the thighs.

Had the same problem here. I ordered a size 15 based on the sizing information. Couldn’t even begin to get those past my knees. Called Inzer for help sizing the replacement pair and they recommended 19. Got those barely past my knees. Said to hell with it. That was all about a year ago. I’ve leaned up about 20 pounds (of course my legs are no smaller). I tried them again a few days ago. Still no chance in hell of getting them on. So, I think I’ll try another brand.

The first time you put on your groove briefs you need suit slippers and some hard work to get them on, but they losen up a little each time you wear them. I do agree that Inzer’s sizing is a little off. However, if you can get the bottom of the leg to your knees then you can get them on.

OK so I tried again and somehow I got them on (it took me about 15 minutes and I was sweating like crazy - hard work). They were very uncomfortable and now I have several broken blood vessels in my legs and also some bruising and pain.

I’m having a hard time seeing how this can be good for me. I think I will switch the brand/style or get a larger size. If that doesn’t work, then to hell with equipment.