Inzer Groove Breifs

So I bought a pair of these, used the sizing chart, 200-220lbs was a size 15. im about 216 right now.

there is just no way in hell these fuckers are going to get on me. period. I can’t even get the waist part half ways up my thighs let alone around my big ass. And yes, I am familiar with how tight PL gear fits. This MIGHT fit if i weighed 180. I figure its for powerlifting so they would expect a big butt and thighs. especially at 200+. I am 5"10

What the hell is up with this? I just wasted like 20 bucks.

I weigh 215, got size 19 very tight but ok . There sizing can be quite confusing.

I’m 165lbs with thick legs and a big but and I ordered the size according to the sizing chart, it took me two weeks of stretching the piss out of them to finally get them on. I wear compression shorts underneath now and they slide on a hundred times better. They are also comfortable enough now I can wear them for my whole workout.

When I first got them tho they wouldnt go up much higher than my knees. If your just wearing them for training I highly recommend wearing some compression shorts under, because without mine even now they are a biotch and a half to get on.