Inzer Gripper Knee Wraps to SlingShot World Record Wraps

Squatting raw with wraps, I’ve been using Inzer Gripper Knee Wraps (2.5m) for about a year. I wrench them down hard, get about 50 more pounds out of them than squatting without wraps. I’m about to switch to SlingShot World Record wraps on the advice of some training partners. What can I expect in terms of general feel/rebound/cast-like-ness and overall poundage results as compared to the Inzer Grippers?

Not that strong of a dude, focused powerlifting for 18 months - bodyweight 181.5 lbs; squat 425 lbs raw, 475 lbs raw with wraps since last test.

Open to all suggestions/input.

Quite a bit stiffer and thicker while still being stretchy. Slingshots are a much much better wrap than Gripperz in my opinion especially if you have a medium to wide stance. I get awesome rebound and when cranked down right they even have some nice stopping power. Favorite are the Elitefts Patriots though.

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They’re a bunch stiffer and require better wrapping technique - but they’re also worlds better than Inzers I think.

They’re not as comfortable as softer wraps, so just be aware of that, and they take more effort to wrap. Very good choice though.

The only wraps I’ve come across I prefer to my Slingshots are the Harris True Cast wraps (Australian brand). They’re amazing, stiffer than the Slingshots and give the same rebound for less cranking which for me is a big advantage because I wrap my own knees.