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Inzer Gear: Z-Suit?


hey what do most people think of the z-suit from inzer? i was thikin bout buyin it.

oh and to all people that gave me hell for wantin to get a 46 fury, im gonna stick with my 44 if i can touch...


It's shitty. That's about it.


Go with the Hardcore. I got one as my first suit and it is not hard to feel out. It is painful, but I have heard that the Z-suit is much more so.


I agree with thephantom, save the money and get the Hardcore. It's a damn good suit for the price and is much better than the Z-Suit in every way. It looks pretty cool too.

It will allow you to parallel pretty easily but still give you great support.

I'm still nursing the damage from trying it out this Sunday.


I am more and more disliking inzer suits (not shirts). Try a centurion if you'd spend that much (cost of Hardcore). It fits better and if you use power wash, it really never stretches out, plus the carry over is awesome.


Go with a basic "superior" Titan suit for your first squat suit. Dont order directly from titan though, go thru one of their distributers (plgearonline.com) and then once you get used to it, you can eitehr have it altered to make it tighter or step up to a smaller Centurion suit (and then get that altered later if you wish)


I'm still waiting for my custom Centurion but from everything I have heard a Centurion would be a better choice than any Inzer.


I've said it before, and I'll say it again: My Predator Briefs (Inzer) are the best piece of gear I've ever worn.


I have a super nxg+ centurion, and after trying it, I need more raw strength before i get into it again. It was too much for me. I couldn't use enough weight to hit depth in it.


I keep hearing good things about the Predators. I'm trying to pop my brief cherry with Groove Briefs but I get so impatient trying to get the fuckers on. Also my sack takes a lot of punishment in the process.

Do you brief + suit up?


I guess it depends on how it fits you.

I probably squat 400 raw (190 lbs body weight), which isn't great at all. I don't train for raw and I'm weak out of the hole, but I can squat mid 500s (550+) nearly any day of the week with just centurion briefs. Never actually tried the full suit. I can hit depth with the bar if I don't use a belt. Go figure.


Yeah, I was using them under an ancient Dual Quad. I got at least 100lbs out of them, maybe more.


Didn't you want a 46 Katana? Or was in an F6?

RE: Z-suits, for someone so well connected you're getting brutal gear advice. There's MUCH better out there.


Z-suits and hardcores are shit suits. If you want Inzer, go with the TRX for single ply. That said, I have heard from the majority of single ply guys that Titan is the way to go. Z-suit, champion and hardcore are good for hand-me-downs, but I would not spend any money on them.


The Z-suit was an awesome suit for it's day- the late 80s/early 90s. Now- your choices are so much better. In single ply, the Titan Centurions are the gold standard. In multi-ply, depending on whether you prefer canvas, a stiff poly, or a stretchy poly, the Inzer Leviathan, Titan Boss, and Metal Ace suits are what are working best for people. These new-school suits are far more durable, give much more carryover, and- especially when compared to a tight Z-suit- are more comfortable.


Go hardcore over Z-Suit for sure. Its worth the money!




ok guys, thanks :slightly_smiling:

ima look into the centurian.

btw, i tried out low bar squats today, and i stayed tight, and hit 390!!!

i know yous look at it as shit weight, but after my football season of only stuatting about 285, i feel like things are coming together.



oh and im buyin a metal viking IPF squatter


I hope you're buying it because you are a close stance squatter and not just because its on sale.

I love my Viking V-type. Both of them, actually.