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Inzer Fitting


Hey guys,

I am not nearly as strong as a lot of guys here, but am thinking of getting some knee sleeves, and perhaps a belt simply for safety reasons. I know sleeves are recommended to simply keep the knees warm. I am not to the point where I should need a lot of support... I am not looking for the knee sleeves to give me significant rebound, or the belt to give me a bunch of extra lbs either.

Right now I am looking at the Inzer Forever 10MM Powerbelt, and the Knee sleeves XT. Would this be good for me?

If so, how are the belt measurements done? I measured about 33.5 inches around at the belly button; is that what they use? I would be just under the lowest measurement for the large belt... would you go large in my case if you intended to still gain a little weight? I am guessing that since it is adjustable, even if I oneday found myself at a 33inch waist... I could tighten the belt accordingly?

Appreciate any feedback from people who have used these products.



My buddy has the same size waist as you. We went with a size large for him and it works great. He has the 10mm lever action. They adjust easy and you can gain weight and it still fit for a long time. I have a 13mm and love it as well.


Awesome. Any significant difference between the buckle and the lever? I have no idea if it makes a difference for belts like it does other gear, but I workout alone almost always.


The difference is the buckle belt goes on like a regular belt you use to hold your pants up. The lever belt has a lever similar to ski bindings that snap the belt to a set tightness with one pull. Each have their pros and cons. It's my opinion that a single prong belt is a good FIRST belt for most lifters. I've used both over the years.

The strength of the lever belt is that it is easy to get on and off without even breaking the belt in much. You adjust the placement of the lever with 2 screws on the inside of the belt. If you ever find the belt is fitting a little too snug or it's two loose, you pull out a coin, butter knife or screwdriver, back out the screws and adjust where the lever is placed. While it's not the end of the world to make an adjustment on the belt, it isn't ideal if you like a different tightness in your belt depending on what you're using it for. I might wear my belt tighter on the squat then I do on the deadlift, I might wear it tighter on bent over rows than I do on military presses...with a lever you're pretty much stuck with a single adjustment across the board or you're going to lose time making adjustments between exercises.

With a prong belt you won't have this problem. If you want it tighter, use the roller...looser, just don't pull it so tight. Biggest drawback is that the belt is going to be stiff as hell when you first get it and it takes awhile to break it in and get the hang of using the roller.

At the end of the day, both belts will give equal support. Neither belt is superior to the other, it's all a matter of preference.


Thanks for the info... I'm thinking single prong will be best for me.

At what point do you think it's a good idea to start wearing the belt? 315lb squat? Or ASAP?


A belt will add pounds and safety to your lifts regardless of how much you're currently working with. I do believe that over-using the belt can weaken you though...so I'd recommend breaking out the belt when you're doing your heavier sets or when you feel it's important to have some extra support.

I hope that makes sense...if not, I figure once you get the belt and learn how to use it, you'll be squatting and deadlifting a bit more than you are now and you'll see that you shouldn't "belt up" when you've got 135 on the bar.


Ok. I'm doing 5/3/1, still getting a lot of reps out of my top sets, I'm thinking I'll put the belt on for those sets where I am struggling to get 5 or less in the future.

One last question... hopefully a Canadian can chime in on this... how badly did duty rape you for bringing a belt and knee sleeves over the boarder? This HST sucks for ordering Biotest products, guessing it will suck for bringing this gear over the boarder as well. Anyone know where one can get inzer stuff in Canada?


so much for free trade...hahaha.
See if you can't find someone you can trust in the states, place the order and have it shipped to them and have them remail it for you with a note saying something like "here's the belt and wraps you left at my house."

...that's if it comes out cheaper to do so. I've remailed a few odds and ends for a friend of mine in the UK who was getting utterly raped (double prices) on a few things he wanted.


You are gonna get raped if you don't shell out for the priority shipping, UPS guy told me that one, they cover the difference when you pay it. So I had to do that on my inzer order a while back and paid no duties.

My EFS order, I opted for the cheapest shipping option and got raped. Spend the extra cash, and get the priority shipping it saves you coming across the border.



Keep in mind that those Inzer knee sleeves might not be legal for powerlifting. If you're looking for something to train in that you could definitely compete in, I'd recommend you look at some Tommy Kono's.

Best of luck with whatever you buy.


I had no idea it made a difference, thanks for the tip. I'm guessing there is no dodging this HST though right?