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Inzer double denim

I just got my inzer double denim and tried it out, i went up to 495 which was about an inch away from my chest. I managed to my amazement to get it up although it was not easy. I am shocked at the blast i get out of this shirt and i am sure once i get the technique down i will really get a carryover. My best competition bench is 435 with a single ply blast shirt while having a partially torn pec, so i have no idea what is should be able to do with a DD shirt. I just hope i have enough time to learn how to use it by the time IPA nationals come around. Any advice on getting accustomed to it or how to get weight to touch is appreciated.

OGuard, I’ve talked a lot about it in many threads on here, particularly the “Westside” threads.

Check your PMs for more info…I left something for you.

Hey Steve i sent you my number so we can talk more about it. I am going to try to bring the bar down faster and see what happens

A few things:
-try wetting the shirt down, this will let you get a couple more inches
-tuck your elbows in really hard, but remember you want to tuck your elbows only enough so the bar barely touches your shirt, this way your getting the most pop outta the shirt
-arch hard and if you are setting up with your legs tucked back and on your toes driving your heals to the floor will allow for fine adjustments, and inch or two.
-the biggest thing is to come up to the bar if u can, that way your in a tight groove and your touching the bar rather than the bar touching you…(hope thats clear)
Hope that helps a bit