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Inzer Atomic Knee and Wrist Wraps?


Does anyone know something about Inzer Atomic knee wraps and wrist wraps?


This is the first I heard of them, but after looking at the site they look like they might be the same “4x4” wraps some of their sponsored lifters were using. The 4x4’s had the same look on the inside but the same colors as the grippers.

Grippers are soft and stretchy, I was told that Black Beauties are almost identical to EliteFTS super heavies so I would assume that these must be somewhere in between plus the rubber on the inside like the grippers. I find that the rubber makes grippers uncomfortable, but if you like that then these might work for you.

Their sales pitch:
The Inzer Atomic Wraps are the crème de la crème of knee wraps.

Sounds kind of funny.