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Inzer 13MM Forever Belt


Good review, although I disagree with some of it. The lever belt is adjustable by removing two fucking screws, which can be accomplished in under two minutes if you keep an old-school screw driver in your bag. This is a very minor inconvenience that does not outweigh the benefits of the lever, in my opinion, and I see no need to own a single prong. Obviously, if your prefer a single prong, then you should get one, but I just don't see how two screws is such a big deal to some people. But this is just my opinion.

Also, for OHP and Bench, sometimes when I don't want it as tight and just want a little support, I simply hook the lever, but don't buckle it. Inconvenience problem solved.

Edit: I didn't start this thread, there was a whole review written by someone else above this post a second ago, but I don't know where it went. Weird.


@jjackkrash. I copied/pasted the review to the correct place and edited my post explaining my error.

Thanks for your response. Just curious if you've ever owned a single prong belt? For me two screws isn't a big deal, I actually keep a butter knife in my bag, it's sufficient for moving the screws and it won't impale me if it's sticking up.

Do you adjust your belt frequently? I can't see me making an adjustment quicker than about 2 minutes, compared to a prong where you just hit the roller. I personally don't really get any support when it's not buckled down.

I love the lever in the right situation. It's simply my OPINION that your first belt should be a single prong and then if you want to grab a lever at some point in the future, go ahead and do that. If I could only have one belt, it would be a single prong. Different tools for different tasks and different people.


You're exactly right. To each is own. The Belts Leather quality is great just like all the rest. I'm not sure I see the advantage on the Lever though. I do see several potential problems such as not quite getting the lever latched down all the way and the belt popping open in the hole. Some might say only a dip shit would let that happen.Maybe so but I've used one of those Sheik belts and had them pop open in the hole not only did it scare the shit out of me my spotter wrenched his back saving my ass when I had a bunch of plates on the bar...IDK

Me, I don't want to have to do a pit stop messing with two screws every time I need to put on a belt. Raw is one setting, with my single ply briefs I need another, with my Pro briefs I need it one hole looser than the single ply setting, with my Ace suit another one hole looser, with my briefs and suit yet another change.. What if I cross thread one of the screws? Can I get new ones? Do I have then in my gym bag. Did I bring my screw driver? My buddy forgot his belt today so do I let him use mine or tell him to fuck off...
That's why they make that ratchet belt but shit who want's to pay that for a belt..come on INZER it's cool but it's not $140 cool, plus I don't think it's even legal in all feds?

But like everything it boils down to what one needs and wants.


Again, like i said, I liked your review, I just disagree with some of it, and wanted to share my opinion and express a slightly contrary view. I love my Inzer Lever 13mm.


I agree that its preference 100%, so my only real comment is the Inzer Lever is well constructed and guaranteed forever, so if you cross thread it, just send it back, and they will send you a whole new belt.


I never had an issue with my Inzer lever belt in 8 years. It never came loose, it performs well and was broken in super quick with no hassle with getting it on. Every other belt was a PITA, with the best single prong I ever had , a Bob Morris belt from 1983. My son is using it now.


I never had an issue with my Inzer lever belt in 8 years. It never came loose, it performs well and was broken in super quick with no hassle with getting it on. Every other belt was a PITA, with the best single prong I ever had , a Bob Morris belt from 1983. My son is using it now.


what would be an interesting thread is "what makes a good belt"? Aside from cheap knock-offs, I would have to imagine that they are all about the same in terms of materials, construction and durability...so what makes one brand such as a Bob Morris, better than a SafeUSA or Inzer belt?

@jjackkrash - no harm no foul. Everyone is here to exchange ideas and help each other out...at least I hope. If everyone agreed with each other 100%, there'd be little to discuss.


Instead of a butter knife or cheap screwdriver you can always just keep a penny or other coin in your chalk container and use it to adjust your belt. I have an inzer 13mm leverl belt and a single prong 10mm belt I picked up at a garage sale for $10. They both work great, I keep one at the house to do strongman with (single prong) and one for the gym (lever action). There are pro's and con's to each but all in all I prefer the lever belt and have never had a problem with it whatsoever.


Has anyone used both a 10mm and 13mm lever belt? is there much of a difference? i got a 10mm for some reason years ago and am debating getting the 13mm


My workout partner and I cannot tell a huge difference between a 10mm and a 13mm. I squat and pull in the low 5's and he squats and pulls in the low 4's.


Bob Morris was the first double thickness custom belt maker. His were know to be the best. They were hand made and lasted forever. Mine us 27 years old mow.

And you're not buying a new one since he's dead. As got the quality of the others. They're about the same. The quality might be less, but if you get years out of it , who cares.

I use the lever got on and off ease.


Personally I like the 10 mm better.


Tom-thanks for the response...I didn't think Bob Morris was making belts anymore, I've only heard the name a couple of times, perhaps one of the times was in a Simmons article. My first SafeUSA Ultra Belt I must have bought back in 94 or 95 and I have since outgrown it and handed it off to one of my training partners, so that belt is a good 15-16 years old...some of the stitching is working its' way out now, I can't help but wonder if Safe would repair it. Either way, the belt is still quite functional and if you broke out the cost over the years for a quality piece of equipment like that, it's more than worth it...as stuff gets older and it still holds up, it's kind of sexier to me, like a 69 camaro. =)


Sorry for the typos, I phone issues.

Most belts are functional to me. I did like my Morris belt the best. There was a lot of attention to detail. More so than any other. But as for working better. Most are equal there. I do prefer single prong or lever.