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Involuntary Contractions


I’m experiencing some odd happenings with my body…
I’ll do my best to explain.
I train 5 days a week,
Monday chest/back
Tuesday off deep tissue massage
Wednesday legs/deads
Thursday shoulders
Friday arms/core
Saturday legs
Sunday off

I have a nutritionist, we’ve played around with sodium, carbs, but the problem is still persistent. It’s pretty consistent too. 5 litres a day of h2o. Bcaas. We’ve even doubled up everything. No diuretics.

So the issue is contractions, not during training but just movements. Say I’m reaching overhead(no matter the day) my lats will contract. Or chest, shoulder, leg…depends on movement. It’s really frustrating. I have seen a doctor, could be nerve he said. But testing…$$$.
I’m taking mast p 350/week, tren ace 350/week, 600week cyp, tamoxifen. Just doing some cruise for KB.
Picked up on the mast slightly. But it’s been happening regardless of sups. I stay on test.
So I’m hoping you may have some insight.

Training 10 years. Had bad accident so had few years recovery. Been happening since.