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Invnoone - Accountability

This is my first thread…

While in the change room today (also known as the think tank), I decided to take accountability for my lack of progress over the previous years.

By way of background, I have been “lifting” for a few years, and have experienced some positive results of losing a little fat and becoming a little more muscular (particularly in the period Nov 2005 to Mar 2006).

However, lately I am bitterly disappointed with myself for letting myself become “too comfortable” as my fiance puts it, and rightly so. So in the vein of Dan John’s article on goals and toilet seats, and John Berardi’s little 8 day course, I have decided to make my progress open for accountability purposes. I guess there is nothing like avoiding making a fool of one self to a wide audience…

I am getting married on 18 November this year. We started preparing yesterday, and yesterday is the day I decided I must make a mark in my physique and health.

Mid term goals:

  • to loose 5 kilos (11lbs) of fat by 18 November
  • to gain at least 2 kilos of muscle by 18 November

Current factoids are:

  • heigh - 5’10"
  • weight - 84kgs (184 lbs)
  • body fat (Tanita) - 22% therefore approx 18.5kgs (40.7lbs) (uugh)
    I know the Tanita is not the best, but I am using it for more trend analysis than absolute numbers. I will endeavour to post photos in the next couple of days.

Short term steps

  • whole body weight train 3 times a week (M,W,F)
  • energy systems 3 times a week (T,TH,SAT)
  • Yoga 2 times a week - for mobility and flexibility (T,TH)
  • Feed 5 times a day, plus Surge post workout
  • adhere to Precision Nutrition

I bought my first batch of Biotest supps last night in bed, consisting of:

  • Spike (to replace purchased daily coffee)
  • Alpha Male (to reduce b-fat and build muscle)
  • creatine (post workout)
  • Surge (post workout)
  • Whey (from a local source due to steep shipping costs from Biotest). Note, I am trying to consume the bulk of my meals in solid food, but for “supershakes” where this will be used and pre-bed.
    Supplements are hopefully arriving next week…

Diet is to follow Precision Nutrition principles. I have been woeful in the area as I bought it 9 months ago and have not read it yet. Further I always seem to eat the Tim-Tams in the cupboard (which the mother in law always gives us). This has to f@cking stop!

Feeds are to follow along the following lines:

  • Breakfast - 3 whole eggs, mushrooms, red capsicum, spinach and kangaroo sausage (lean as buggery)
  • Mid morning - 250g of cottage cheese and spinach
  • Post training - 1 Surge
  • Lunch - 250g(ish) of lean meat and vegies/salad (spinach)
  • Mid afternoon - 250g of cottage cheese and spinach
  • Dinner - 250g(ish) of lean meat and vegies/salad (spinach)
  • Pre-bed - 1 scoop protein

In terms of supplementation, multi, vitamin C, 4x fish oil, Alpha Male and Spike after breakfast (7:30 am). Surge and creatine during and post training. Alpha Male before dinner (7:30pm). Multi, vitamin C, 4x fish oil after dinner. I am considering Alpha Male before breakfast…

Any suggestions re supplements (particularly Alpha and Spike ) appreciated. I am trying to keep my nutrition simple (not simplistic) as it will be better for adherence sake.

Training is to follow Shugart’s V-Diet training plan. I have used this with great success during Nov 2005 to Feb 2006 and plan to stick to it for the 7 weeks that remain.

Yesterday, Monday 24 September, weight training was primarily a re-acclimatisation to lifting things, and will like be so for the rest of the week. Completed 5x5 bodyweight chins, 5x5 bodyweight dips, 3x6 squats (60kgs), 3x6 stiff leg dl (40kgs), 1x10 donkey calf machine(90kgs), 1x6 bbell curls (30kgs), 1 x 10 lying close grip press and 20 leg raises. Felt good and quick workout.

Diet was not perfect and pre this so not worth mentioning for Monday.

Tuesday, 26 September 2006

Energy systems training followed by 45 mins of yoga. Energy systems comprised of getting on the treadmill for about 15 minutes with what were essentially 3 intervals, from a steady run dropping to a fast walk and back again, with a bit of a ramping up. Sweating but feeling good.

Yoga really tested my flexibility. I have not been for a couple of months (getting caught up in work, slipping into laziness and then holidays for 3 weeks). Painful today as haven’t had stretch mobility work for a while; however, felt quite good and ‘loose’ afterwards.

Diet was pretty much as described above, but with a bit of a delay between mid arvo and dinner. Otherwise feeling good. Hoping to get to bed by 10:30pm tonight.

Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Good day today. Got to the gym at 11am (which is quiet and also have been awake for about 5 hours, CNS therefore awake). Dynamic warm up, although need to follow “Warm Up Manifesto” article a little closer.

Deadlifts (10x3 @ 70kgs), standing good mornings (10x3 @ 40kgs), barbell overhead press cleaned from the hang (10x3 @ 35kgs), flat db press (2x8 & 1x6 @ 15kgs), donkey calf raise (1x10 @ 97.5kgs), close grip lying tri press (1x10 @ 35kgs) and db hammer curls (1x8 @ 12.5kgs).

Good efficient work out. Decided to try the foam roller for some SMR work. Found a knot the size of Oz in my left glute which I never knew I had - need to focus on this. I also tried rolling out the adductor/groin area. Have been sore ever since all day.

I ate to plan today, although I had a lunch on. Ordered grilled salmon with salad and some olive tapenade - best choice and feel good about right decision. I am waiting on my Surge to be delivered next week, however, in the meantime I was given some sachets of hydrolysed protein. Added gatorade powder for post workout drink. didn’t feel bloated so I assume OK.

I am wondering today, after reading CT’s article “The Truth About Bulking” as to how many calories I was actually ingesting. I will set up a spreadsheet and with the USDA nutrient database to get an idea of how much I ingest every day, re calories and macronutrients.

This thread is to be continued in my blog.