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Invited to play for Middlebury College and Idaho Stat....need help from Coach Davies

Hi to begin with I was recently approached by both Middlebury College and Idaho State to play rugby. My question is more geared towards those who follow the renegade style of training. What is the best way to gain large amounts of strength and bodyweight?..also help me Coach Davies I have an idea of what to do but you have the practical experince of helping others reach their best.

To answer your question about body weight: Overhead lifts. But Rugby? Speed, change of direction and violent impact. Focus on having this package and your body weight will follow. Common out this winter if you think you can hang.

Hey, I played against middlebury twice this year in both the new england championship and the northeast semi-finals. I have video of both if you wanna check them out. R u interested in business if so you should check out Babsonrugby and then Babson we are a strong young team that hopefully will knock off middlebury next year.
Im graduating, however if you email coach davies he can give you my email address. He is THE MAN and his programs will have you playing like no other. One thing that SUCKS at middlebury, (just ask coach patterson) is what time they practice. They told us at the tournement that its from like 6-9 or something in the morning mon-thur. What position are you, Id be more than glad to discuss them/college rugby with you more, just get my email from coach, tell him you want to contact Dan K. from Babson College.
Coach D is a busy guy so hit him with an email if you wanna be sure to reach him, his programs are worth any amount, but only if you are ready to make yourself suffer to win.

What is the deal with college rugby in the States? Can you actually get scholarships for it? I’ve never heard of that before. I thought nobody cared about rugby down there. This is indeed a pleasant suprise.

The only place in the US that gives full scholarships is Ucal Berkley the 12? 13? time defending us champion. There closet matches are still often one side domination. In fact the only team they regularly lose to is a canadian side. See there website for more. Their head coach Jack Clark even turned down teh head coaching job for BATH, this year to remain at ucal. everyyear a few of their guys are also standout football players all-confrence or all american types!!

Thanks…ya i would like to get the video, sounds like it would be good. I am going to grab your email off of Davies. Playing for you guys too would be an experince.

just let me know how I can help. Just email me at Renegade Training when you have a chance. In faith, Coach Davies

Yeah, they lose to UBC. I’m from up here in Vancouver, and the level of rugby is better, I’d imagine, because a lot of highschools here play it instead of football. Is there sport specific renegade training for rugby, or is it just general? Thanks.

I think they play UBC twice, and usually split teh games 1 and 1. As for renegade training there is one for rugby, its pretty nasty.

Hey which gym do you use in Vancouver, I used to work out at Olympic Athletic Club.

I have a few friends who play for UBC. They’re a pretty high level team. They play a bunch of schools down south, and you’re right regarding Cal Berkely, they’re about even. I play in the same league as UBC, but on a different team. Too bad football dominates so much down there. We could export a lot of talent to you guys, and I might actually get an education! Regarding my gym, I lift at “The Birdcoop” at UBC. I like it because it is the university gym, so it caters to athletes. This means we have stuff like olympic lifting platforms, but it also means that the squat racks are often busy. Cheers.

What is at issue is what school is better, not who is better at Rugby. Middlebury is a member of the NESCAC, the little IVY Leagues. They are a top 20 Liberal Arts College. Don’t pass up opportunities for education.

Actually, there are a number of issues in this thread, all concerning rugby. He didn’t ask our advice on schools. We don’t even know if he wants a liberal arts education. And even if he does, if rugby is a big part of his life, then he’s going to want to make sure that the school he goes too isn’t just an academic powerhouse, but one that puts a lot of effort into sports as well.