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Invisible Earrings


I have both ears pierced but have now moved to wearing a tie to work. Does anyone know of any clear studs used to hide piercings? I don't want the holes to close.


Small studs are pretty accepted in males these days.

I think even with clear studs, you would see them.

Just don't wear them, I've gone weeks without having my earrings in, and they never close up.


How fast do you think the holes will close?

I ask because I've had one ear pierced for 5 years and the other for 3 and I can go for over 2 weeks without them starting to close.

I don't wear earrings that often anymore but every now and then I'll leave them in for a few hours while I'm sitting around at home.

I don't know about clear studs but maybe you can buy reallly small ones to wear to sleep or after work


Go Hot Topic in the mall, the goth shop place, they'll have an assortment of options. I've found that most of the time the clear studs look really bad, they tend to make it look like you have some kind of growth. I take you can't wear something nice like some small diamonds?


SMALL diamonds? On ProfX? Pih.


stop bein gay and don't pierce your ears, yeah I said it


Oh snap...

Ties huh? What size are your shirts? 20, 40-42? (I'm significantly smaller than you and 17 1/2, 36-37 is tight in the neck, and just starting to fill out a wee bit in the shoulders.)

Oh, and wearing a tie gets old after about 3 years. I just go white shirt now, with a sport jacket when I'm at a fancy client.

As far as your original question: I got nothing.


Did you get your ears recently pierced? If not they should not close. I've gone a week with out putting my earing in and it never closed.


That's my question too. A tastefully earringed man is rare and nice to see.

I agree with whoever said that earrings designed to make you look like you're not wearing anything look weird, whether they're clear or flesh-colored.


Unless you had your ears pierced within the last year, you should be ok. I've had my ears pierced about three years and I've gone literally months without putting something in them and they're just fine.

Now, as to your request, Claire's of all places has something. You know, the little girl jewelry store. Prof, you'll look hilarious walking in there. Anyway, what I'm talking about is a set of clear plastic studs that they use for people who are sensitive to cheap metals. You stick the earring through the plastic stud, stick it in your ear, and then pull the earring out and you won't notice a thing unless the lights directly on it.


Size 22. Yeah, I had to get them all tailored because I guess anyone else wearing that size has a 60" waist.

I have diamonds in right now but was afraid that would be unprofessional. I haven't been wearing anything lately.


I don't think it's unprofessional, as long as the size is reasonable. Also, most people you deal with probably assume your diamonds are real. The 'Dr.' in front of your name is what make you look professional.

Maybe others in your profession are the ones to ask, or clients that you are closer with.


No dangling cross ?? Bonds wore one, he was a professional. George Michael too, verryyy professional


I don't know. Can you pull off the popped collar with a tie?


I've had my ears pierced since I was 13, and can easily go a year without them closing. Another piercing I had didn't fully close after 18 months without jewelry. I say wear small studs, they will look better than plastics.


Count Profula?


Clear studs look awful dude, like a hearing aide or some kinda pimple.....just all bad

keep the diamonds, remember what you told me about tats

but if you have to, just go to a piercing place they'll take care of you


Jesus christ. Not that I thought you were small or anything, but that really puts it into perspective.

I could go camping in that shirt. It's like a bed sheet honestly.


these sparkle from these babys should make you invisible prof...


Okay, you are doing that on purpose...

What do you think a bunch of dudes with nothing better to do on a Saturday morning are going to think you had pierced?



seriously, STAY AWAY from Hot Topic

that store is full of trash.....nobody likes a mall goth