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Investing in New Knee Sleeves

Hey people, my first post in here so sorry if it’s shit or posted in the wrong section.
I recently broke a pair of knee sleeves from Strength Shop, only a cheap set I got a few months back.
Thinking of buying something a little more serious now like some SBD’s or original Rehbands.
What do you guys think would be better? Whats your own experience with them? Any other recommendations?
Thanks guys.

I use EliteFTS heavies.

My current pair is feeling almost too tight. Might go with a pair of neoprene like the rehbands myself. Never had any issues with my Heavies though.

I had a female lifter at the gym try several different pairs and she settled on the rocktape kneecaps, they look pretty sweet. I may see about those as well.

Are all of those IPF approved?

SBDs are made specifically for powerlifting, a little longer than your standard sleeve. I love mine, well made, totally worth it.

Do take the time to use the size chart and check a few vids (YouTube) on sizing if you go down the SBD path.

I use the Rehbands. Had this pair for over a year now, still going strong, no complaints.

SBD’s are the best thing ever!! EVER!!!

Only have experience with sbd sleeves but I love them.

Well I guess I’ll be investing in some SBD’s in the near future then. Still quite new to the powerlifting scene in the grand scheme of things. I wake up and I’m thinking about powerlifting, I go to sleep and I’m thinking about powerlifting. It’s one hell of an addiction.


Very true, I’m the same way. I don’t think I can go 3 minutes without something powerlifting related entering my mind!!


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I hope I ain’t too late to the party but SBDs are the way to go. Sizing however is pretty darn crucial. It really depends on what you’re looking for. For me, I get a good 5kgs - 10kgs out of my knee sleeves alone.

My knee joint measures at 38cm and under the tight fit, it’s supposedly a size Medium. That being said, I currently own a size Small. I’m about 70% sure that I can fit in an XSmall (not gonna drop another $100 on it though). But back to my previous point, it depends on what’s the purpose of the sleeves, if you’re using it solely for comfort and keeping the joints warm, I’d suggest something cheaper unless you’ve money to spare. If you’re using it so you can squat more weight raw (pretty ironic huh), I’d suggest you go with a tight fit and maybe even one size down. As for how to put it on, it’s gonna be a bitch, you can trust me on that but I’ve found a way. I might upload a video if anyone were to request. For the most part, you’re not even gonna get it anywhere past your calve if you buy an appropriately tight sleeve.

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I could not for the life of my fit into a size small
and im just a 125lb chick LOL
even mediums are hard to get on

maybe my calves are sticky

I guess it’s time I upload a how to video? haha

EDIT: For the record, I’m a 160-ish lbs 5’9 male and I could put it on even at 180-ish lbs.

I wear an extra small. I compete in 57 kg. However, body structure is more of a determining factor than weight. I’ve had a 52kg woman pick up my sleeves and say she’d never get them on. I have long toothpick legs and she has short thick legs.

Having said that, they are a bitch when it’s humid. In the winter they go on no problem but the summer is challenging.

I have smalls and wish they were extra smalls. Definitely good sleeves.

It’s never too late to join the party :slight_smile:

You’re all making me feel right fat talking about 57kg this and 160ish lbs that hahaha

Might lack the upper body strength to really yank them up

There you go then. You have to practice deadlift in order to properly get your knee sleeves on haha

I just got Nordic Lifting knee sleeves- they emulate the Rehbands. I love the look and feel right out of the package. Reviews on amazon are great too. They’re $50 for a pair. I have a 14" knee circumference, so could have been tighter Medium or looser large. I went with Small and they feel right.

I believe SBD are the best ones for competition, but I am happy to train in these b/c they’re also easy to get on.