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Invest in BCAAs or Fish Oil?


Hey guys, I'm in school right now so without income I have to make some sacrifices with supplements. I'm currently taking protein and Animal pak and was considering an additional supplement. From what I've read both fish oil and BCAAs would be especially beneficial, but I won't be able to get everything I want until I've entered my profession. With a goal of 215 lbs @ 5% bf would I be best benefited by fish oil or BCAAs?


My vote would be for fish oil.


The animal pak it eating your money, while it is an awesome product....you can pick up bcaa's and oil for the same price and have change

it sucks your money is low but you need to keep it simple....get the basic shit

house brand everything if you can, fromprotein to vitamins, creatine etc.....stretch your cash homie

drop the a*pak, pick up the acids,oil, and add flax in there too


fish oil hands down.


In terms of overall health i understand fish oil is more beneficial... but in terms of building pure muscle woudn't BCAA's be better?

OP you can get cod liver oil capsules from places like Walmart for under 5 bucks. 100 soft gel capsules.


Fish oil off amazon, or from costco is 14 dollars for 400 caps.


If he nixs spending money on the AnimalPak, and uses even decent grade protein power, it will most likely have a BCAA blend in it. Fish oil is the better buy. Also, if your eating right, you really shouldn't even need a multi-vit (some may disagree) and can get good amino profiles from what your ingesting.


Good call guys, I had not realized syntha 6 has some BCAAs in it so animal pak, protein, and fish oil should be feasible then.


All complete proteins contain BCAAs.