inverted sit-ups

have any of you done this? a friend of mine who is in conciderably better shape than i, hangs up-side-down and does crunches/full situps. would you get any more benefits from this than you would doing regular? what part of the abs do these affect? any help would be appreciated. thanks

Cool drills, headstand leg raises are also great. Get into a headstand and lower your feet slowly to the ground. Raise them back up and repeat.

Mike Mahler

can i use a wall to begin with the hand stand pushups? my balance isnt all that great, thanks

Yeh I do these. Don’t really alter the way you feel them in the abs but obviously gravity has a much bigger part to play.

Plus I feel like the star of one of those really cheesy 80’s martial arts films when the hero goes into karate kid training montage mode after suffering a ego-busting defeat. Cool!
(I think it was in No Retreat, No surrender?)

Leg raises from headstand - that would work your erectors and glutes?

Handstand pushups against wall are fine. Just gradually try to lighten your contact with the wall and you’ll be doing them freestanding.

thanks for your help guys, ill be throwing these into my workout routine. any other body weight ab workouts in mind? i like to vary my routine

I have a silly question, but how are you guys hanging upside down? Just with your feet, or are you using “gravity boots” or the like?

i just throw my legs over and start crunching, i find you have to strain a lil more this way that securing your feet.