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Inverted Row Stands


Sorry, typing on phone. I have a buddy that is very obese.
He wants to start doing inverted rows, but he really doesn’t have two chairs that would support his weight. Almost 300.
Any ideas on cost effective ways to start doing these? I’ve looked thru Craig’s list for two chairs. Not really seeing any. Budget is a huge problem.


Grab the 2 ends of a rope or tow strap hung over a tree branch.

Hang underneath an adjustable saw-horse.


I went to Lowes and got a set of saw horses. capable of holding 1000.
I told him they were 20. fronted a little of it.


Google how to make your own trx. Can make it for about $10. Plus you can use it in a lot more ways than the two saw horses. There are whole programs built on suspension trainers too. Take out a lot of guesswork at what you might need to build next,what you can or can’t do with your equipment. Unless you actually plan to use the sawhorses for the intended purpose.


I hope they work out for your friend. I’m sure he’ll be cranking out dips soon too.