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Inverted Rope Climbing


A competitive rope climber from the Czech Republic.

Inverted rope climbs are a very good exercise and one that I commonly use with my athletes. My favorite template with my advanced athletes is to climb the rope three times in a row (no rest or leaving the rope) in three different planes of motion. We use a 20' rope.

1st) An inverted climb & then lower in upright position in straddle L.

2nd) A horizontal climb [torso horizontal to the ground; usually a tucked or straddle front lever position] & lower in an upright position in straddle L.

3rd) A regular upright rope climb with both ascent and descent in a straddle L.

Yours in Fitness,
Coach Sommer



Good stuff, thanks coach!!!


Yeah, I was reading like yesterday somewhere where Karl Gotch was such a tough trainer and that was his thing, invert rope climbing.


Yeah, I was reading like yesterday somewhere where Karl Gotch was such a tough trainer and that was his thing, invert rope climbing.


I have the Gotch tape where his trainee climbs up the rope upside down. I was quite amazing.


i need 80 bucks for a rope....

thanks for the post coach


Where would I be able to buy a climbing rope for a reasonable price (under $120)? I have no garage or stable trees to hang it from, would a basketball hoop do?


Dude, Ebay is your friend: http://cgi.ebay.com/1-x-72-Manila-Grass-Rope-Brown-Decorative_W0QQitemZ4419942337QQcategoryZ10035QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

1 inch manila rope by 72 ft. long. Use part of it to climb. Use part of it to tie to your vehicle and pull it around. sell part of it to a lifting buddy.


So you were the guy!

Seriously, there are people who can climb ropes UPSIDE DOWN? That is some cool shit. I want to try that. I'll get some big mats out first though!


can you post pictures of these please?


Yea, the guy is going up the rope feet first. I wanted to try it as I have a rope hung from a big tree in my back yard. But, then I thought about it. If you fall it's not like you are falling on your feet. Head first into the ground um....no thanks.


The inverted rope climb can be quite challenging, however there is no need to crash if reasonable care is taken during the ascent. In addition, it is an important component of the bodyweight trainee's arsenal, as many are often deficient in inverted pulling strength.

Stabilizing the body when inverted on the rope and moving one arm at a time is quite difficult, so I recommend "cupping" the rope with your feet. This will allow you to slide your feet along the rope as your arms power you upwards.

Yours in Fitness,
Coach Sommer


Can anyone do these in a reverse muscle up fashion? Either way, I want to try. Just need to get a rope. Where does one find one (aside from online?)?

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I've seen the ropes at hardware stores like Lowe's and outdoors/camping supply stores like REI.