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Inverted Pyramid

  1. Is reverse pyramid training good for hypertrophy (1x4-6, rest 2-3 minutes, 1x6-8 with ~10% less weight; rest 2-3 minutes,1x8-10 with ~10% less weight? Everything 9-10 RPE

  2. How do you prepare your CNS to start with heavy load? I was thinking about ramping up on weight with seta 6 reps-sets until I hit failure somewhere between 4 and 6 RM (which I’d count as my first working set)

  3. How many sets and which rep range would you advocate (the above one seems the most popular on the internet) if “functional hypertrophy” I the goal?

  4. How would this kind of rep scheme compare to a classical straight set scheme (i.e. 3x4-10 rpe 9-10) or to a “rep goal” type of system(3 sets to failure with the same weight regardless of how many reps you get)

Its about the last 5 reps give or take on any set to failure that stimulates growth. So a set of 5 to failure and a set of 10 to failure both have 5 Stimulating Reps.

You should aim for 15 to 25 stimulating reps per muscle per workout whatever rep range fits how u like to train and what u like and motivates u.

The lower reps (4 to 6) will give you more strength with it.

As far as warming up to your work set…
If you are doing 4 to 6 reps that’s about 85%

So you could do:
Bar x 10
45% x 8
55% x 5
65% x 3
75% x 1
1st Work set - 85% x 4 to 6 reps