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Inversion Tables

has anyone tried these? i have “degenerative disc disease” so they say with multiple disc herniations and 1, possibly 2 ruptures. my lower back is in pain all day every day. i do my stretches and things like that, but am just wondering if an inversion table is a waste of money or if it would benefit me. thanks in advance!

Overall research is conflicting. I’ve used one, and it seems to help a bit, but only if I move around a bit to get some fluid into the discs.

You’d be much better off finding a gym with a reverse hyper available. I’ve been using one for about a month, and my back hasn’t felt this good since before I slipped my L5-S1.

If you have acess, try one before you buy. I’ve seen them on Craigslist for cheap if inversion helps the symptoms. I’ve had patients with identical symptoms, pain presentations and herniation locations and inversion helped one and not the other. It’s rarely a first option for treatment of my patients.

Jumpstretch bands (the type that you box squat and bench with) can provide the traction/distraction that you need without the all of the blood rushing to your head. You can find them at Elite FTS with the instructional video.

Maginificent Mobility by Cressey covers most of the major movements that can help out with lower body mobility.