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Inversion Boots


Are inversion Boots good for back pain?. Do they really work?. I'm suffering from lower back pain which is cause by a bulged L-5 disc. I'm been thinking about buying the Inversion Boots and I can hook'em up to my Power Rack.

The Body Solid ad says:
Inversion boots allow you to recover quickly from compression fatigue caused by jogging, aerobic training, stepping, bicycling and weight training. Inversion boots counteract the downward pull of gravity. Hanging in the inverted position brings instant relief to many forms of back pain and spasms associated with consistent downward gravitational pull on the spine, discs and muscles. Just a few minutes a day are sufficient to spread apart painful compressed discs. Back, neck and shoulder muscles are also stretched, further increasing flexibility and reducing pain. Recommended by doctors and used in hospital back clinics nationwide.

thanks a lot in advance guys. you all are the best


Inversion boots may indeed help - certainly inversion tables have a good track record of helping to ease some back problems. I have a pair of gravity boots, but I found I personally don't especially like being suspended upside down, so it's not something I do often. I have developed a means of hanging from my power rack, but draping down at an angle onto my bench set at high incline. This reduced the strain on my ankles (something to consider*), and also lessens the "upside down" feeling.

  • My Chiro said hanging upside down by your ankles is asking for ankle injuries, so if you do try, take extra care.



thnx for the advise


Inversion boots were initially thought to be wonderful because they should reduce compressive forces on your vertebral discs. However detached retinas were found to be a fairly regular occurrence secondary to the increased pressure in the skull. You will also find that if you are hanging totally inverted the amount of your body weight may be too much. Your erector spinae group as well as other muscles that connect the spine to the pelvis, ribs or extremities will not relax. It would be similar to standing with 100lb dumbbells in each hand and trying to let your arms hang limp. Your shoulder musculature tightens to protect the joint. Your back muscles (and others) will do the same if you are totally inverted. This protective mechanism will usually make your spasms worse. If you have a table that will allow you to lie at a decline but not be totally inverted you may be able to relax to get some distraction between vertebrae, but personally I wouldn't have any of my patients waste their money. There are better ways to address spasms and disc issues.


I love mine and they greatly aid recovery after a heavy DL or squat session. I dont use then daily but a few times a week.

Man the first time it sounded like I was popping popcorn with all the snap, crackle, popping. I never had or hev back probs but I can tell a difference since using these.

Just my take,


The safest way to do spinal traction is in a pool. Put a pool noodle under your arms and totally relax your whole body. Another safe was is to use a traction machine that a doctor or therapist uses. They can control the amount of pull on your back. Zatsiorski's book Science and Practice of Strength Training talks about spinal traction and disk health.


thanks everybody for the comments....Anyone else before I make my decision? I don't want to spend about $70.00 on something that won't help me....thnx everyone


I have had my inversion boots for 8 years, I love them. They help me relax after heavy workouts, they always help relieve my back pain, and I like to use them in some of my alternative workouts. I use them for ab and core work as well as hamstring work with reverse squats.


I agree and have posted several times On how they are AWESOME for core and ab work.