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Inversion Boots

Hello- I was wondering what people think of Inversion Boots? I’ve seen them on this website that I shop on. They look pretty cool I was wondering if anyone thinks they are worth while. I was thinking of using them for abs and maybe upside down reverse squat. Well any input would be great.

I have a pair. Do use them much anymore. Bought them in the early eighties when they were the rage. I bought them to help with my back that I had injuried in a jump. Richard Gere used a part in the movie American Gigolo oh yes and Batman wore them in his first movie. My advise is to save your money, check out the ab article on this website and if you still want to do abs hanging upside down hook your legs through the parallel bars. Check out Pumping Iron too, Franco hangs from a chin-up bar just by hooking his feet over it. Best of Luck.

Thanks for the heads up and saving me 50 bucks!

“Upside down reverse squat”?!? Hmm…

Like older Lifter, I also have a set that I used to rehabilitate a herniated disk. I still get on them from time-to-time for home traction/decompression, usually just before bed. The pressure in my head is high enough just hanging there, like watching Michael Bolton singing, Heh! I think it would explode if I tried to exert myself too much! Char: I’ve tried a ‘leg pullup’, which is an awesome challenge to hamstring strength! I can barely get halfway up. It’s much like a leg curl. I have a rope with a big knot in it, hanging from the bar, so I can pull myself up after a 15 minute decompression session. Trying to muscle up would undo the spinal/muscular relaxation.

Have been using Inversion Boots for years and feel they helped my back. My leg biceps from doing reverse squats have really improved along with abs.