Inversion Bench

I did a search and could not find much information on this device on the site.

My back takes a hell of a beating. The back issues result from years of heavy lifting and jujitsu, coupled with
inherent back problems and my line of work(police officer…sitting in that damn car has screwed up my hamstrings, hip flexors and low back royally). The pain and stiffness comes and goes but no amount of traditional stretching/abdominal work/posterior chain work seems to fix it.

Long story short, I used an inversion table for the 1st time the other day after training. Im a huge skeptic, but this damn thing did me a world of good.
After a 5 minute hang, the tightness and pain from deadlifting the day before were gone. Even better, my back was pain free and flexible the rest of the day. Im thinking of buying one of these
damn things now and am looking for opinions from guys who really understand
back issues about the pros and cons and proper uses of an inversion table.

thanks in advance