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Figured I’d throw this out there to you guys on T-Nation… I made something and I want to patten it. I know I have to have a lawyer do this for me, but do any of you know anything about this process? There’s all kinds of B.S. on the web about it, but apparently some companies are shady (imagine that) and want to market the product and take part of the profit right off the top. I don’t want all that, just a patten so I can go from there…

Any suggestions???



world patents cost ???$$$$$, make sure you don’t mention it to anybody either, before you patent it

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Patenting something takes freakin forever. They have to run through the list of patents to make sure nothing already exists that is just like your invention. Then after that long and expensive time they take forever to completely document everything and get it set in stone so to speak. Anyways, reason why I know is I looked into patenting somethin awhile back, but there was just no way I could afford it. Good luck!

I priced a patent with a law firm in Virginia a couple years ago and if I remember correctly, the patent its self cost around $400ish.

That included the lawyers digging through records to make sure it wasn’t already taken and getting the actual patent.

There was also a government website that I found that allowed you to search on your own for patents to see if your idea was taken, but I forgot the site.

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i used to write patents for a living and advised many independent inventors. find a reputable patent attorney and plan on spending around 6 to 10 thousand dollars over 2 years to get the patent. And only a very small percent of independent inventors will make more than they spend. find a local independent inventor group and work with them. they can seriously help guide you. i worked with several in michigan. I work for a corporation now, and we really don’t deal with independent inventors.

there are many scams out there. if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Good luck


It can definitely be a tricky process, I’d say it’s better to let professionals handle the detail work. It’s probably a worthwhile investment, but it can add up to a bunch of money. I wouldn’t mention the details of your invention to anyone, but start brainstorming some potential investors, to go to as soon as you’re Patent Pending.