Invasive Nutrition Program App Questions

Since a bunch of you have been through or are in health-related professions:

I’m applying to a nutrition program that will let me finish my B.S. and also sit for the Registered Dietitian exam in the next two years (I’ve been attending this school for the past two; it’s my second degree - also working on an M.A. at another school). It’s combined clinical rotations with classroom studies.

I just took a look at the application and it seems really invasive. My fiance is in med school and just had to provide a blanket certificate of health and proof of immunization to be let around patients, but this school wants to know specific numbers from urinalysis, and very detailed family history - stuff I would give a doctor, but would hesitate to give to anyone else because I would feel that I was violating my parents’ and siblings’ privacy. Detailed questions about menstrual cycles, surgeries, back pain, etc. Again, stuff I’d tell my doc, but I’m freaked out about making five copies to be passed around a table of school administrators and then filed goodness knows where.

Anyone ever encounter programs with such demands? Did you suck it up and turn in the info, or find an alternative? I’m considering asking if a blanket certificate of health would be acceptable, but I don’t want to irritate the powers that be.

Does the TSA run your program?

[quote]byukid wrote:
Does the TSA run your program?[/quote]

No one’s tried to give me a grope-down yet, but at this point I wouldn’t be surprised. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve looked at the apps for several others schools that offer this program and none of them ask for this stuff; some don’t even require a physical. Just wondered if it was common anywhere or if I’m right that it is weird.

have you asked the people who run the programme why?

[quote]caveman101 wrote:
have you asked the people who run the programme why?[/quote]

The application states that it’s a requirement because the program requires a high level of mental and physical performance. It drives me nuts because med school rotations are way more demanding and my fiance just had to show he was immunized.

At this point my plan is to meet with the director (who is also my advisor) to discuss some other application questions, and casually ask about compliance with HIPAA.

I am an excellent student, so really the only thing that could jeopardize me getting into the program is pissing someone off!

I just wondered if anyone else had dealt with such crap, lol. Apparently not.

It sounds like they might be using the applicant pool to widen research statistics. lol

[quote]hockechamp14 wrote:
It sounds like they might be using the applicant pool to widen research statistics. lol[/quote]

Honestly, I have considered that - I’m glad you said it! The department has passed out “fun surveys!” (psychological profiles) to students before that are clearly part of data collection.