Inulin and Erythritol

What are some feelings on inulin and erythritol?

I’d like to know too, especially about inulin.

I believe inulin is actually considered a pre-biotic, which would be a good thing to add to your pro-biotic intake. Also, it’s a soluble fiber, which as you know, can aid in the slower absorption of foods. I had recently bought fiber sure, which is 100% inulin. It mixes very well and is tasteless compared to psyllium husk.

The only thing different I notice is the psyllium husk will keep me fuller longer, so it’s probably a more effective source of soluble fiber.

I think I read somewhere that inulin can help with Calcium uptake, but I’d have to look that up as I cannot remember the source.

thanks for that
thoughts about inulin on the AD? its a fructan i think - do we count it as carbs? or ~30% as i think thats how much is metabolized?

This study Effects of lifelong intervention with an oligofructose-enriched inulin in rats on general health and lifespan - PubMed
claims that rats on a inulin diet have a 33% higher survival rate.
That means it has about the same effect as carbio restriction.

Worth looking into I guess.

I use inulin and like it the best of all the fiber supplements I’ve tried. My gut is simply working better. But I don’t think it helps with satiety.