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Introverted bodybuilder


Foriegn, and kind of wierd, but I found it mildly entertaining. If anyone can shed more light on this, like about the ending or anything, please do.


Been posted before.


cannot watch.
First fifty seconds gave me way too much anxiety.




He's a momma's boy. Nuff said.

1.92m, 145kg Danish bodybuilder Kim Kold.


Yeah, that's a pretty sad short.


Depressing little movie.

I wanted Dennis to "pull a Latimer" on those chicks though...



and to crush those puny guys inbetween his pecs when they walked in.


The homo level just went up a few clicks, thanks.




Homophobe :frowning:


Is that how one measures the homo level?


Gonna have to echo this statement. The serum concentration of ghey just went from the baseline 0.01mg/ml of ghey to a rather flaming 0.05mg/ml. We'll have to wait for the ghey cytochrome to metabolize all that ghey down to a manageable level.


I agree with krazykoukides, if he let those two hipsters touch his tensed muscles I bet they would've been more understanding.

I honestly didn't find the movie depressing. I like to think that the next morning he woke up (oh god why did he have to sleep in the bed with his mum!?!??!) and went back to his position as Oberst in the Jaegerkorpset (Danish Special Forces) and taught his troops how to kill with nothing but a hastily-broken toothbrush and how to create incendiaries using only boot polish and pine cones.


Thought it was quite interesting......why didn't he fuck that girl though?


Damn, I would've screwed the one in the green top, maybe together with the Asian broad.


Are you fucking slow?... I guess your username answers that.

but seriously, since you didn't pick up on some of the finer points in this-

He's introverted because he has a controlling mother, and probably an abusive father (why he built muscle). The dinner was only awkward, but when she brought him to the apartment he was seen as a 2-dimensional "muscular guy" and lets them walk on him (like his mom) by serving him alcohol, and becoming their dancing monkey.

If it was real life, he put a huge dent in his chances when he started took off his shirt for them, because like I said - he became their dancing monkey and was playing into their world.


I think we can safely say that that movie was quite transparent and easy to understand and that Captain Slow was being facetious.