Introductory Thread

Whats up guys I am currently sidelined due to a 45 lb steel plate breaking two toes and three bones. I am really into powerlifting. My numbers are not staggering but better than they were before. I was running sheiko off of routine before my injury. My plan to action after this 3-5 week period is over is to hopefully hit 1400 in a little over 2.5 years. I am currently at 1225. Anyone ever been out for 4-6 weeks before? Lose much strength? How long until you were back where you were before injury? Thank you in advance.

Welcome to the forum.

If I were you I would become a bench press specialist in the meantime, lol. Even if it’s without leg drive. Gotta keep driving that total up somehow. Doing tons of leg extension and curls, glute work, etc. may help if doable- whatever doesn’t hurt or slow down recovery.

I’d agree with lift in that you should do anything that doesn’t hurt or put pressure on the foot. But as far as taking 4-6 weeks off in my experience there’ll be a couple of awkward weeks to find my groove again and then I tend to be right back to where I left off.