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I have been reading articles and posts for a while, but never got around to posting too much. I figured that an introduction article would be in order, and so here goes.

I used to run (a lot). I always thought that the folks that went to the gym were a bunch of idiots. I don't know why I thought that, but I did. I was running 5-8 miles 3-5 times per week. not really a schedule, but more of what I needed to do for the Corps and such. I quit completly after I had a (sorry for poor spelling) labendectomey and a discotomey. I had ruptured one of my lumbar discs somehow (I dont know how), and could hardly walk for a LONG time. I got out of the military and started sitting around, doing nothing. Then I went to Kuwait as a civilian, and worked with a guy that hit the gym 5 times a week, like clockwork. I looked up to this guy, and decided that the gym wasn't THAT stupid. (esp since I wasn't doing too much in the way of fitness).

blah blah blah....

I am going back to the gym after a 8 month out due to work/school/first house/wife. I do not have a workout "plan" per se. I have push days and pull days. Push days generally consist of:
close-grip bench
wide grip bench
and dumb bell military press.

(I use the dumbells because when I use a barbell for military press my shoulder pops. But that is another Thread all together)

A pull day consists of:

standing curls
barbell rows
pull ups/chin ups (I still dont really understand the difference)
cable rows

What can I do the the workout to make it better?

I have also started cutting the sugar out of my diet (read soda and insane amounts of coffee-syrup), stoped eating fast food, and increased protein intake considerably.

I am taking createine and tribulus (sorry for spelling) in addition to PWO shakes.

What can I do in these catagories to help myself?

current physical stats:
209 lbs
squat 125 6x
bench 115 6x

Generally a lard ass is how I would sum it up.

Thanks for your time gentlemen.



Is it ok to mi my creatine into my morning oats instead of drinking it? I have heard people advocate just putting the spoon of creatine in your mouth instead of miing it with a liquid, I am just wondering what your feelings are on this way.



me myself
How long have you been doing your present program? It may be time to change it. What do you want to accomplish?
About the creatine I would mix it with hot water and a product like Surge .


I actually just started this program. It was not really a program per se, just something that I have heard before, a push/pull split.

Since my internet time is generally limited (I refuse to pay for cable or phone to my house) I print stuff off at work, and read it later. Hence the reason that I have a 3" binder full of T-Nation articles that I go through.

I found an article http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=body_130dawg (this one), and I will start to do an actual program based off of what it suggests. I will stick with it for about 6 weeks, and go from there, either sticking with it or moving on at that point.

What do you think of that articles workout program? seems like it is pretty basic, and a good way to jump-start my way back into lifting.


That looks like an awesome work out.