Introductions, Recently on Androgel

Hey folks. Really liking this forum. It provides a huge amount of support and information.

I really appreciate all of the information about watching E2 along with T.

I had been asking a GP to check my T levels for a while. Finally mentioned it to a psychiatrist how I was feeling (long recovery times, heavy limbs, libido in the dumps, …). He immediately took a sample and sent it off for a T test.

Needless to say, for about the last 100 days I’ve been on androgel 5gm.

Just thought I would drop by, say hi, and share my situation.


How’s the androgel only treatment going?

Thank the Man above Psychiatrists are M.D.'s too. I’m glad to hear you got help.
I too want to know how it is using a stool with one leg to sit on? Is it wobbly yet?
Referring to the three legged support needed for the most effective HRT management.
We’re here for you, and combined have many years of trial and error. I meant experience, yeah, that’s the ticket. Sure.

The androgel by itself is going pretty well. Now that we are into the 2nd 3 months, I’m going to start asking him to test for E as well (using the sensitive assay).

Its strange what shows up. Just for completeness, we did a nutritional survey (blood sample). Low b12 showed up on that one. So now that I’m taking an injection weekly for the b12, thinking about going to injectable T. Any suggestions for or against this?

If I may… The “sensitive assay” E2 test is NOT the one you want. Period. E2, or Q-estradiol are the only E tests that make sense for men, okay?
Here’s one for ya- since your B-12 was low, did they check B-6, or Folic acid? Also very important.
Injectable T aromitizes less than gel or cream, it doesn’t rub off, for most men blood levels are more consistent (not all of course) and instead of being bothered every day, twice a week is easiest. Some guys doing their own shots go every day or EOD, to REALLY keep levels even. Eventually your nads are gonna shrink up and maybe even hurt, so HCG will be necessary to stop that problem. (leg 2) and of course,there’s adex to keep the E2 problems at bay… (leg 3)
So if all three legs are working together, HRT can be a beautiful thing. If not “welcome to hell” is the most common response.
Any more questions?

You might inject B12 for a while, but should be taking supplements in the long run.

Your doc may be good, but might see every problem to be medicinal instead of treating dietary problems as dietary problems.

Optimal TRT/HRT is testosterone (T), aromatase inhibitor (AI) and hCG.

For the AI, that would be 1mg/wk arimidex/anastrozole until lab work indicates a need for a dose adjustment. Target E2 level is in the lower 20’s (0-53 pg/ml).

TRT shuts down the HPTA. With little or no LH, the testes shut down and shrink, also shutting off the male body’s largest single production source of pregnenolone (do not confuse with progesterone). Tiny testicles are not consistent with a good sexual self image, and also of concern to one’s wife or GF. 250iu hCG injected SC EOD will maintain the testes. Many who start hCG after HPTA shutdown report an improvement in mood.


If one injects hCG, using a transdermal T gel to avoid injections is nuts.

Many do not do well on TDs, some do and many need more that 5gr androgel.

T without AI can end up creating major problems.

B6 and folic acid were fine. The doc is actually very good about mixing nutrition with medicine. He always makes sure I’m taking a multivitamin, a little extra E, fish oil or flax oil, …