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Hey i guess you can call this my intro to the site I'm 18 and yes i know what you guys are thinking "get out of here" I'm not here to tell you i want to start a cycle right now and if you guys don't help me ill do it anyways I'm not here to ask for sources, I'm here as more of a learning experience as this interests me but of course Ive been thinking about doing a cycle now no in a little while well see i just want to make sure i have all the information needed to do things safely i do have a goal before i would start a cycle and that would be to drop the body fat i don't know what its at but its in the 20% range. I have worked out for 3 years (first year was a complete waste half reps more of an ego thing lol ) my weights include:

220x1 Bench press
270x1 Squat
310x1 Dead lift

I find my eating habits decent when i have the choice i dont come from a rich family and my moms a little bit lazy so she likes to throw a delissio pizza in the oven 3 times a week so i have to work on that first but my breakfast usually contains egg whites and oatmeal.

This isn't really a question its an introduction basically just saying hi to all of you any comments i will respect thanks :slightly_smiling:


Since you state you're here to learn:
Fullstops (.) and commas (,) are a useful tool when writing - they tell the reader when to breathe.

You'd be better off posting in the beginners forum. There is nothing an 18 year old with 20% bodyfat can gain from the steroid forum.


its not English class :stuck_out_tongue: but i know were you're coming from ya whats an 18 year old doing here but id rather educate myself way before hand then just popping right into it with little to no research like some people do. I kinda thought id be respected more then some of the kids who come in here saying oh im going to take steroids i seen them advertised at ******** saying there legal steroids there suppose to come in soon. Not me im actually researching years ahead and have my own sources that doing include the internet so if i was like any of those other guys id be doing them already and as i stated my goal would be to drop body fat % before i started a cycle not getting into a argument btw just trying to defend myself


I'm going to go ahead and reiterate what intermezzo said. There's no point to you being on here and tell us your fucking life story. There's nothing you can gain from being on this forum. Nobody here really cares what your goals are. Until you are actually old enough to use gear, don't bother coming on this forum anymore.


What? Theres nothing he can gain by being on this forum? How about knowledge? Faggot. True about the life story, its not needed but theres no need to be a dick about it.

To the OP, Hi.
But seriously you dont need to create a thread to tell us you wish to further your knowledge on steroids or to drop by and say 'hi'. Read the stickys, use the search function and google :).


Weird how age can make such a difference i see no problem looking through here asking questions if i have any like i said not using them till im older.


ya sorry bout the story :(. Just thought id put it up give kinda more of a background


Its cool, keep reading and researching and by the time you are ready for steroids you will be in a position to use them safely.
Who knows, from now till the time you are ready you might have got your diet and training in check and be happy with your body you may not even need steroids.


ya im gunna go head back to the diet section to show my mom some of the meals that one guy makes, she likes making weird stuff just not boring stuff. But thanks for being understanding :slight_smile:


Good lad :slight_smile:


Personally, I liked the introduction...Welcome to the forum...Don't worry about what guys that joined in September with only 11 posts have to say--they obviously aren't the huge contributors they fancy themselves to be..

I have never used AAS but I have learned a ton from this and the TRT forums...it is a very good resource...


Thanks :slight_smile: